Saturday, December 27, 2008

Etsy Updates

I spent some time (okay, quite a bit of time) today updating my Etsy site. I listed lots of new jewelry and other goodies. I also took new photos of older items so things would match and look consistent. It's just the OCD in me I guess :). I would love it if you would stop over and let me know what you think. Click HERE to see all the goodies. Below, I listed my favorite new pieces. And yes, I did eat the skittles that didn't make it into the bracelet!

The "coffee" is a vintage cash register key!


  1. wow Kris, you have been busy, what a wonderful selection of work, love love love the rings:)

  2. So many unique and varied new additions. My favorites are the steampunk pieces.

  3. OMG! I have student who would try to EAT your skittles bracelet! He is nuts about Skittles! Really cool!

  4. I absolutely love those bracelets. The skittles one is my favorite!!!


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