Sunday, March 29, 2009

DT Art and More!

I have several gorgeous pieces of art to share, created by design team members and a few guest artists!

First, I wanted to share these 5 lovely Easter cards created by the talented Audrey Hernandez. The central images came from the Vintage Easter Fabric Collage Sheet. I just adore anything she creates! And Easter? She's so on top of things!

My favorite French artist, Anne Le Toux created these three masterpieces below. She has such a unique and wonderful style!

A big congrats to Jean Sunderman! Several of her ATCs were published in "Just Cards" magazine. Several of her ATCs contained images from Retro Cafe' Art Gallery digital collage sheets, such as the cupcakes and sweet kids. That's so great Jean!

And last but certainly not least, Cindy McMath created these two sweet ATCs using the German Doll Head collage sheet. These ATCs make me smile!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just in Time for Spring....

Miniature paper roses are bloomin' in the shop in 6 YUMMY colors! Because the petals are paper, they look GREAT with mixed media and paper art projects. They are small enough for artist trading cards, or use them in a grouping for larger projects. You can also ink up the petals or add a touch of paint and/or glitter! They have a wonderful vintage look and feel, and all of the colors are gorgeous! See them all HERE!

Linda Morgan's Dolls and Mini Interview

You know I'm always on the look-out for creative projects using Antique German Doll Parts like the ones I carry in my store. These beauties below were created by the talented Linda Morgan of Purple Cat Creates. Her dolls are incredible, and I thought it might be fun to ask Linda a few questions. Scroll down to see what Linda had to say - on your way check out these sweeties.

Me: How long have you been creating mixed media art?
Linda: I've been creating mixed media art for about 2 years. I've been making dolls using alphabet blocks for bodies and antique doll parts for about 4 months. Being German, I love the story of the old, throw away doll parts being dug out of the ground from demolished doll factories in Germany. I love the rust, dirt and imperfections found on the doll parts. I find it amazing that dirt from Germany is still inside the heads, arms, and legs.

Me: What inspires you when creating a specific doll?
Seeing the personality of each doll emerge intrigues me. A bit of lace and some ribbon usually start the creative process. I start with clothes and pick the perfect head, arms and legs. Sometimes the head inspires me to design the perfect outfit. I have also been inspired by a great set of legs with bows painted on them and fashioned the doll around the legs. Sometimes I have a person in mind when I make a doll. I used my husband's broken watch to make him a doll. I have a neighbor who is a breast cancer survivor and I made a doll that has a pink ribbon pin with her in mind. Most of the time it's just a surprise to see the doll emerge from all the parts. Since the necks the the dolls are broken, I make them necks with polymer clay. By the time the doll is complete I have spent quite few hours with each doll. The best part of creating art for me is having people tell me why they connect with a certain doll. When someone picks up a doll and says, "Mine, this one is going home with me." it's a wonderful feeling sharing my art and myself with others.

Me: Thanks so much Linda for sharing!

Now, if you would like to get your hands on some German Bisque doll heads of your own, you can get them HERE!

A Few Thank Yous!

Thank you to Rashell of Nans Gift Nook for picking me for the Kreativ Blogger Award! I also recieved this award from Kathryn today! I met Kathryn at the ZNE last year, and she's awesome! Thank you ladies!

The lovely Sherri Mitchell created this award and passed it on to moi! Thanks girlie!
I'm never good at narrowing things down to pass these along - I would like to award them to everyone on my blogroll and some who are not! So many fantastic artists in this blogland of ours!

Lookie what Lynn Stevens sent me! She was the winner of my OWOH giveaway and send me these goodies as a thank you. The ballerina was one of the goodies I had sent. I just LOVE what she made with it. THANK YOU Lynn! That was so sweet!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Diana's Shrines

One of my loyal customers, Diana Darden, who has quickly become a wonderful cyber friend sent me these photos, and I knew I had to share! Diana has been VERY busy creating wonderful shrines from the shrine kits at Retro Cafe' Art Gallery. Diana successfully sells her little "jewels" at a local gallery in Edina, MN.
You can view more of Diana's work HERE on her website!

(click on the photos for a larger view)
Several completed kits are shown including the Cross Trinkets, Gothic Arch Shrine, Small Shelf Shrine Pointed Style, and Small Shelf Shrine Rounded Style.

Oh, and a BIG thank you to Diana for sending me a wonderful "care package" when I was sick last week ;). You should see the gorgeous hand dyed ribbon she sent me! Yum!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Shrine Kits!

I just added four new Shrine Kits from Coffee Break Design to the site!
I also restocked all of the other shrine kits so everything is in stock now.

The Wardrobe Shrine (I love that the doors open/close)
Six Compartment Cubbyhole Shrine
Medium Shelf Shrine
And last but not least, the Cross Shrine Kit

See the NEW Shrine Kits HERE.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Susan's Book

I wanted to post about Susan Tuttle's new book! I had the pleasure of meeting Susan last September at the ZNE convention, but I have not yet had the pleasure of reading this book! I didn't win last time, So I'm keeping my fingers crossed. You can get your copy HERE on Amazon. Susan is also having a contest HERE on her blog to win a copy!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Oh my gosh, I'm so excited about this new product I just listed at Retro Cafe' Art Gallery - Paper Cuts!
Paper cuts are made from acid free card stock. Each image is laser cut and ready to attach to your project! No cutting necessary, and the details are incredible! Even with scissors, you could NEVER get that much detail!
There are several yummy types (more than what is shown below) and if people seem to like them, I can get more designs. Go HERE to see all the new Paper Cuts!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dolls, Dolls, and More Dolls!

I know I've been a quiet for a few days, but I was (and still am) feeling a bit under the weather. I did, however manage to list a few interesting antique German doll heads on Etsy. For the first two sets, I took the time to grind down the necks so the hand painted beauties were ready to attach to a project. I LOVE the boy and girl and think they would make a wonderful "His" and "Hers" project! I wanted to keep them, but with an April craft fair looming on the horizon, I don't really have time for "extra" projects.

And now for some INSPIRATION! The amazing, talented Charlotte Purvis from Australia created the beauties below. I love that her name is Charlotte and she creates with Frozen Charlottes. I met Charlotte or "Lotta" when she purchased the dollies from my store. Her jewelry is so creative, and she sells exclusively to a shop/gallery in Australia called "Behind the Monkey". The shop is also carrying some of my collage sheets and other goodies now too :). The owner, Elaine MacLeod is wonderful!

Thank you Lotta for letting me share your gorgeous work! Your pieces are so inspiring!

Feeling inspired yet? If you want some dollies of your own you can get them in my webstore Retro Cafe' Art Gallery or in my Etsy shop. Also, if you have some doll art to share I would love to see!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Birthday Thank Yous!

I have so many thanks yous I don't know where to begin!

First I have to thank Joanna Pierotti, or Mossy as I call her. For my birthday she invited me into her FABULOUS online workshops! I'm having so much fun. You can find out more on her blog! What a wonderful gift you gave my dearest Mossy (she also sent me the card I posted in my last blog post)!

Viola sent me the most wonderful gifts from Germany! She sent me this lovely fabric collage (the picture doesn't do it justice) and a sweet card that she created using my favorite image from Retro Cafe' Art Gallery! Oh and she sent some yummy German ephemera too! Thank you honey pie!

Marion Bockelmann (also from Germany) sent me this SUPER CUTE card along with some other goodies (German stamps etc.), and it was such a surprise! Thank you Marion!

And then on Friday, my BF Kim came bearing an armful of homemade cupcakes singing happy birthday! She took me to my favorite Italian restaurant, Mamma Corollas (LOVE the decor) and then to a movie. She also gave me two seasons of my favorite show, Sex in the City. Thanks so much Kim! It was such a fun night!

Today my friend Diana Belton (redandgreenbutterfly) and I went to a stamp and paper convention. It's our third year in a row going together. Diana made me the sweetest fabric collage (in my favorite colors) and some YUMMY banana nut and chocolate chip muffins! I had FOUR, yes FOUR today!

I also have to say thank you for the countless blog/facebook/etsy birthday wishes! I felt so loved! Thank you to all my art friends!
Tomorrow I'm meeting my mom for some lunch and shopping at my favorite antique store, Treasure Mart! It's been a birthday week for me!