Saturday, March 7, 2009

Birthday Thank Yous!

I have so many thanks yous I don't know where to begin!

First I have to thank Joanna Pierotti, or Mossy as I call her. For my birthday she invited me into her FABULOUS online workshops! I'm having so much fun. You can find out more on her blog! What a wonderful gift you gave my dearest Mossy (she also sent me the card I posted in my last blog post)!

Viola sent me the most wonderful gifts from Germany! She sent me this lovely fabric collage (the picture doesn't do it justice) and a sweet card that she created using my favorite image from Retro Cafe' Art Gallery! Oh and she sent some yummy German ephemera too! Thank you honey pie!

Marion Bockelmann (also from Germany) sent me this SUPER CUTE card along with some other goodies (German stamps etc.), and it was such a surprise! Thank you Marion!

And then on Friday, my BF Kim came bearing an armful of homemade cupcakes singing happy birthday! She took me to my favorite Italian restaurant, Mamma Corollas (LOVE the decor) and then to a movie. She also gave me two seasons of my favorite show, Sex in the City. Thanks so much Kim! It was such a fun night!

Today my friend Diana Belton (redandgreenbutterfly) and I went to a stamp and paper convention. It's our third year in a row going together. Diana made me the sweetest fabric collage (in my favorite colors) and some YUMMY banana nut and chocolate chip muffins! I had FOUR, yes FOUR today!

I also have to say thank you for the countless blog/facebook/etsy birthday wishes! I felt so loved! Thank you to all my art friends!
Tomorrow I'm meeting my mom for some lunch and shopping at my favorite antique store, Treasure Mart! It's been a birthday week for me!


  1. What lovely gifts! I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday! Have fun with your mom!

    Sandy xox

  2. Happy belated birthday. Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful day full of friends and treasures :)


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