Saturday, March 29, 2014

FREE Steampunk Bird PDF By Kelly Hoernig and More Steamy Fun!‏

New Goodies!

Happy Saturday everyone! We have some incredibly cool new Steampunk goodies in the shop as well as new Tim Holtz and Junkyard Findings from Prima! My favorites are our new Stand Up Steampunk Cameos! Excellent as stand alone art pieces, but also awesome attached to round Paper Mache boxes etc. All of the new Steampunk Cameos have strategically placed 1" openings so that you can fill their "thoughts" with the perfect image, ephemera, words, or assemblage bits! What will be in yours?

A FREE Bingo Bird PDF Tutorial By Kelly Hoernig

I have an extra special treat for you in celebration of our new Steampunk goodies. Artist Kelly Hoernig has put together this FABULOUS tutorial which you can open and print. It features our Chipboard Steampunk Bird! You can download Kelly's free PDF HERE. Thank you so much Kelly!

Also, many of the exact items used in Kelly's Tutorial as well as several related products can be found HERE. And several are on sale!

Having a blast with our Rolling Wheel Sets!

I'm totally in love with our new Rolling Wheel sets! They come in three sizes, two styles, and you can add them to just about anything. Even if your item isn't square, you can still add them. To prove it, I added them to the Female Bust I designed and arted up over a year ago. She has an oval base, however the wheels still went on beautifully since they can stick out a bit from your base.

You can read more about my Busts HERE on the post from last year. Still great information!

Bust Supplies: for my "Stamping" Bust I started with the Extra Large Female Bust. First I used Rustoleum Gold Metallic Spray Paint (this stuff is the bomb) on all of my pieces. Next I stamped a face, cut out of cardstock, and colored the cheeks with a pink colored pencil. To embellish I used the Steampunk Gears II and Mini Steampunk Gears II spray painted black, Large Gold Halo Dresden (love the way this turned out) and some vintage rhinestone bits, all attached with E6000. The heart is painted with acrylic paints, collaged, and doodled with a black Micron pen.

Just goes to show, you never really know when a piece is done! 

After cutting my axles to the correct size and sanding the ends, I assembled my wheels. I found this easier than attaching my axles and adding the wheels. By assembling the wheels first, you have more control of your gluing without your piece getting in the way. Allow the pieces to fully dry then attach!

After attaching my axles to the bottom of my piece, I painted the entire bottom. The additional paint layer makes them extra secure. To finish off my piece, I attached a Clock Key Cut Out and some Bead Chain (linked above).

I wanted to show you how nicely the wheels roll, so I shot the shortest video in history for you. Seriously, it's 8 seconds! But worth a thousand words :). I'm so sorry for the mess. But as you know, art happens!

 Inspiration By Sherry Matthews!

I just had to share these fabulous rings with you, created by the talented Sherry Matthews! Sherry used our Head Trinket Shrines, Mini Dice, and Small Watch Parts. These are the perfect pieces to get you in the Steampunk mood. I was saving them to share with the current release! Love them so much Sherry!

Inspiration By Gerri Herbst!

Design Team Member Gerri Herbst created these adorable Theatre ATCs using Collage Sheet CV6, Collage Sheet CV34, Word Paper Cuts, and our Heart Cut Outs! I especially love how she colored the Collage Word Paper Cuts. Since they are laser printed you can color them as you please to coordinate with your pieces. Awesome Gerri!

Inspiration By Amy Nieman!

This stunningly ARTful Santos Doll was created by Design Team Member Amy Nieman! Amy used our Medium Santos Doll Shrine Kit, Santos Doll Head Paper Cuts, and Gelatos. I especially adore the little "art rolls" that Amy made to tuck inside her skirt! The art rolls look like they were a blast to create. You can have a closer look below. Gorgeous Amy!

Inspiration By Linda Cain and a GIVEAWAY!

Design Team Member Linda Cain created this stunning Bird Cage Doll for you! Linda has several more amazing photos and step-outs on her blog. AND we are having a GIVEAWAY. THREE lucky winners will receive this awesome Bird Cage Doll Kit, Birds, and Wheels! To enter, you need to leave a comment on Linda's Blog HERE. Hurry, winners are picked on Monday!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Exploding Faberge Eggs, Exquisite Crosses, and a FREE GIFT!

HAPPY SPRING! We can officially say that now! I'm happy to report we had a few warmer days this past week. Yesterday was in the mid 60's and it was wonderful! I hope you're feeling warmer as well!
We have so many stunning goodies in the shop this week including Faux Faberge Eggs, Exquisite Cross Kits, Mini Birds and Nests, and so much more. A lovely mix of Easter and Spring!

My favorite goodie in the shop this week is definitely our new Exploding Faberge Egg Kits! The amazing pieces of art above and below were created by the talented Virginia Smith! She is also the master-mind behind the idea. As soon as I saw how she dressed up our Egg Stand-Ups, I just knew you would have a blast with these too. And Virginia agreed! Thank you for the awesome inspiration Virginia
I can't wait to play with these myself! 

This awesome fairy was created by the talented Deb Moon. Deb was extremely clever and used some of the small articulated arms from one of her Doll Kits to add to her fairy! So of course I had to add some Arm Sets to the shop. I can think of several Kits and Cut Outs you could add them to! Does anyone recognize that girl and her dog? You know I love this piece Deb!

How stunning is this Bollywood dancing doll created by the talented Sherry Matthews. Yes, I do think those extra arm sets might come in handy. Fabulous Sherry! I want her outfit! Sans extra arms of course :).

I was playing around with some of the new goodies sitting on my table, and look, the arms pop right into the existing holes of the Ornate Egg! So many fun creative possibilities with these.

This gorgeous Large Santos Doll was created by the talented Linda O'Connor. Her details are gorgeous, and I'm extremely enamored by the face Linda created. So much so that I decided to stock Paperclay in the shop and give this a shot!
Thank you for sharing this breathtaking piece of art Linda! You can read more about this piece on Linda's blog here!

This amazing "Secret Garden" doll was created by Lisa Rupp. Her patina is so cool and I love the wee garden fairy inside her "cage". And the sweet little bird trinket with egg is perfect. Thank you Lisa!

It might be safe to say, we're all ready for spring! Diana Darden created this beauty and the little feather bird and nest is so adorable. You can get some similar bits hereThank you for sharing your awesome art Diana! The purple and green together really make this piece sing! 

Design Team Member Amy Nieman created this sweet Mini Circus Shrine. The bright colors and fun Circus Paper Cuts make me smile! I hope it makes you smile too. Awesome Amy!

Spring is finally here, even if it doesn't feel like it just yet, so to celebrate I picked some flowers for you! You can download this brand new Spring Flowers Digital Collage Sheet HERE on our site. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Muscle Man Mania, NEW Tim Holtz + More!

Happy Saturday everyone! I was still in a bit of a Circus mood this week and my main goal was to create some gorgeous vintage Circus Collage Sheets! While I was at it, I also designed some fun Circus ATC Frames (Muscle Man Mania is my favorite!) and some Clock Keys that I'm just loving! We also have lots of BRAND NEW Tim Holtz in the house, ready to ship! And more.

Isn't this Double Decker Carousel fantastic! I came across this photo and had to share. Of course, you can make your own Double Decker Carousel too! I'm ready for summer!

How much fun is this Circus Doll by Diana Darden! I always love Diana's fun and playful style, and this piece captures that style perfectly!

This bright and beautiful Santos Doll is by Terri Kahrs. She is stunning Terri, and has me dreaming of rainbows!

I just adore this stunning Dress Form Doll by Marie Garot! I keep noticing more and more amazing details. I'll give you a closer look. Wonderful Marie Garot!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Collage and UTEE Handmade Hearts Tutorial

So many of you asked me questions about my handmade heart techniques, and whether there was a tutorial, so I decided to make one for you. These are fast, fun, and easy, and hopefully you will pick up a few tips!
(You can CLICK any of the photos for a larger view!)

To create your layered backgrounds, tear up bits of paper, collage sheets, and washi tape, and attach them to your masonite heart bases using Matte Glue N' Seal. You won't need medium for the tape and I added mine last. Be sure to layer and use colors that are pleasing to you. Make sure to cover the entire heart, extending over the edges. This is a fast and easy way to do it! And a great way to use up all those tiny scraps you have laying around. If you are like me, you hoard them! You can order the hearts with watercolor paper overlays, however for these hearts I only used the masonite bases.

Once dry, trim around your hearts holding your scissors to the edge. Since the masonite is hard and durable, you can do this easily without damaging the base. So easy!

Lightly sand the edges in a downward motion for a nice clean look. If you don't have sand paper on hand, you can also use a nail file. Now your backgrounds are done.

Layer Paper Cuts and any other images onto your backgrounds. The Paper Cuts are great since they are ready to go. Don't be afraid to just use just part of the image, and trim off the rest as we did above. Attach using Matte Glue N' Seal. Add accents using Sharpie Paint Markers and color using Gelatos, paint, etc. as desired. I added some Gelato color here and there and Sharpie Paint Marker Polka Dots.

Using a piece of Ink Blending Foam (I don't use a tool, I like the control of the foam in my hand) ink the edges of your hearts. I using a combination of Sepia and Black, beginning with Sepia. Using an awl, xacto knife, or small scissors, reopen the hole in your masonite heart so you can add an eyelet. Go in through the front. The hole doesn't need to be perfect since the eyelet will cover it.

These next two steps are most important and kill several birds with one stone. You must work fairly quickly. Seal your pieces with Glue N' Seal using a sponge brush. I like a textured look so I "pounce" with my brush rather than "stroking" on the medium. Make sure you add a generous amount over the eyelet hole. While your Glue N' Seal is still wet, proceed to the next step.

Before your Glue N' Seal dries, add your eyelet. Next randomly sprinkle on some Gold UTEE. The wet Glue N' Seal holds it in place just as nicely as any embossing medium and this allows you to skip a step. I figured this out after the first batch of hearts. The UTEE particles are large, so if you don't like some of the placement of the crystals, brush them off with your finger before heating. I tried to avoid covering faces and words. Finally, heat your heart using your heat tool until the UTEE melts. I placed mine on a paper plate and held the edge of the plate while heating, as the hearts can get hot.

The randomly placed UTEE crystals create a cool molten look and add another wonderful layer of texture! Several of you thought I used a melting pot or splattered it on while it was melted. No, this is much easier. Just sprinkle it on and heat!
And a string through your eyelet and you have a perfect little hanging heart. Or if you prefer, order the hearts without holes and attach them to an assemblage project or use them to create magnets!

Hearts definitely aren't just for Valentine's Day. Make some today!