Monday, September 3, 2018

New Artist Trading COIN Border Stencils

Hey everyone! I'm super duper excited about our new Artist Trading Coin Border Mask Stencils! Such a handy little thing with SO many uses. I was so excited that I even made a little product demo video! Truth be told, it's my first so no judging please! Ha! And I did it in one take without editing. I hope you like it! The second photo below shows just SOME of the border combinations you can use with these little stencils!

I did a thing! You can watch my little demo video HERE.

Inspiration By Kim Collister!  
    Design Team Member Kim Collister knocked her Artist Trading Coins OUT OF THE PARK! How gorgeous and colorful are these! She also had the brilliant idea to advertise her Etsy Shop on the back of her coins! You can read more about how to get one of Kim's Coins and visit her Etsy shop on her blog here:   
    Kim made great use of our Paper Cuts in her coins. They are awesome since they are ready to use! You can find several that she used and more in the Paper Cut section of the shop. She used Birds, Moons, Fairy Heads, Santos Heads, Doll Eyes, Sugar Skulls, Skeleton Illustrations, Frida Heads, Fish, Alice, and more!

    Two of Kim's Coin backs on the far right (the blue coins) make great use of the Artist Trading Coin Stencils! Even her backs are stunning! Way to go Kim!

New Website Features!
I wanted to let you know about some exciting new website features over at Retro Café Art Gallery. First, and best of all, the cart now shows you thumbnails of the products in your cart! So you can see your full order and all the goodies in one place! Updating and removing quantities is also much easier! There is also a new "View All" area in product pages. Click it and everything will show on ONE page rather than scrolling page to page! If you've tried these new features let me know what you think. If you haven't yet, head on over and shop! xoxo

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Artist Trading COIN Kits

Hey everyone! So nice to "see" you! Today I have something new, fun, and exciting for you. The latest craze! Artist Trading COINS!!! Yes, that's right. You all love Artist Trading Cards, well now we have COINS! Fun 2.5" circles! I don't know about you, but I love working with circles, so this was right up my alley. And of course we have some amazing supplies (on sale!) to get you started!
Below is an amazing video created by Craftyhodges, that will give you a nice introduction to Artist Trading Coins. I created a Kit that comes with all the basics you need to get started. So get rolling!!! (see what I did there?)


Check out this amazing video by Craftyhodges HERE.

Artist Trading Coin Stencils!  
    I designed these really cool stencils to work perfectly with your 2.5" coins. Two of the designs even have an engraved circle area, so you can line your coin up just right. This was an addition I made after I played with the first set, to make our lives easier! Available separately or included in the Kit!

My Frida Artist Trading Coin!
    I couldn't wait to play with these cool coins, and this is what I came up with! Here's my supply list:

    I simply attached a background paper to my chipboard coin, added one of the stencils (all included in the new kits), attached my Frida Head, and then did some doodling! 

Artist Trading Coins by Mandy Chilvers!
    I wanted to share these stunning Artist Trading Coins by Mandy Chilvers! Aren't they just gorgeous? You can see more of Mandy's work HERE on Instagram.
    Now grab a Kit and start creating. Show us what you make! XOXO

Thursday, January 25, 2018

A Fairy Tale Shrine by Sherry Matthews + Valentine Postcards by Chrissy Colon

Happy Weekend Everyone! Do you love Finnabair's Alchemy Paints as much as we do? We have plenty in stock, and best of all, they are all ON SALE! One of my favorite things about them besides the fact that the paint is awesome, is the handy container they come in. Nothing is more frustrating than clogged up bottles. Not to worry with these lovely jars! Grab em' while you can!

Feature Inspiration by Sherry Matthews!  
    Design Team Member Sherry Westfall Matthews has a truly enchanting project for you! See how she transformed one of our Niche Shrine Kits to look like an antique book, complete with fairy tales! This delightful project will get your creative gears spinning. Truly brilliant and magical Sherry! Find the full tutorial here:

Feature Inspiration by Chrissy Colon!
Design Team Member Chrissy Colon has some stunning Valentine Postcards for you today! These beauties are sure to make your heart skip a beat. See how Chrissy incorporates paint, paper, stitching, and more! Find her delightful tutorial on her blog. And while you're there, check out Chrissy's fabulous new website and shop, with lots of incredible OOAK art pieces!

Friday, January 12, 2018

A Mermaid Circus Shrine by Kim Collister + Valentine Goodies + More

Happy Weekend Everyone! We have several goodies back in stock this week, as well as some fun new Valentine goodies! These sweet cupcake stickers are just one example. I love how realistic they look, though admittedly they are making me a bit hungry for cupcakes! You can find these and all our Valentine's Day goodies HERE. And yep, they're on SALE!

Feature Inspiration by Kim Collister!  
Does anyone feel like running away to the circus? Step right up and take a look at Design Team Member Kim Collister's fabulous Circus Shrine. And we're not just talking about any old circus, but a wonderful, whimsical Mermaid Circus! Hop on over to Kim's blog for her tutorial, and some fantastic, colorful fun to brighten up your winter days. So awesome Kim!

Valentine Inspiration
    Valentine's Day is coming! Some of my favorite arting and crafting is for Valentine's Day. I love all the red, pink, hearts, and glitter!
    This Crepe Paper Vintage Valentine is among my favorite projects. You can find the Tutorial HERE.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

A Colorful Triptych by Linda Cain Plus New Styles

Happy Weekend Everyone! We're excited about some new items in the shop. Linda Cain's gorgeous Triptych below (As seen in Stampington's Somerset Studio Gallery Winter 2018 issue Spotlight), inspired some wonderful new Triptych designs. And because we love our customers, they are ON SALE this week too! 
(These triptychs are great for Valentine's Day art also!)
You can find the new styles, plus the older styles HERE

Feature Inspiration by Linda Cain!  
    We're starting off the new year right, with a beautiful Triptych by Design Team Member Linda M. Cain, just bursting with color and texture! Hop on over to Linda's blog for the tutorial, including some handy little tips. Thanks for getting 2018 off to a wonderful, creative start Linda! Get the full details here:

Valentine Inspiration
    Valentine's Day is coming! Some of my favorite arting and crafting is for Valentine's Day. I love all the red, pink, hearts, and glitter!
    This Mini Crown Shrine is among my favorite projects. You can find the Tutorial HERE.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Tim Holtz Paper Dolls + Frosty Ornament by Chrissy Colon + More

Happy Weekend Everyone! We were very excited to get our hands on some of the Tim Holtz Christmas Paper Dolls! They are great for any winter theme, not just Christmas. They have been discontinued from the manufacturer, so grab them while you can! The pack even includes some pine trees! We also have the Vintage Black and White set in stock too. 

All Christmas Goodies are still on SALE!

Feature Inspiration by Chrissy Colon!  
    Design Design Team Member Chrissy Colon has a Frosty Snowman Ornament for you. We're loving her realistic looking snow, and check out that amazing beadwork on his hat! "Thumpty Thump Thump! Thumpty Thump Thump! Look at Frosty go!" He would make a wonderful ornament or gift tag. Get the details here on Chrissy's blog:

Inspiration By Karen Hendrix
    We adore these two pieces by Karen Hendrix! First, a stunning Angel Ornament, complete with Dresden Halo under her Santos Head. Karen's glitter and composition is spot on! Anyone would be lucky to have this gorgeousness hanging on their tree!
    Second, she made a beautiful fairy doll, beginning with our Female Chipboard Doll body and Fairy Head. We're in love with the fairy wings and lovely dress she created. Her fairy has such a wonderful, vintage look! Amazing projects Karen!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Charming Ornaments by Sherry Matthews + German Dresden Sale + More

Happy Weekend Everyone! Lots of your favorite German Dresden Trims are back in stock. Plus, the entire section is ON SALE! Now is a great time to stock up!

All Christmas Goodies are on SALE!

Feature Inspiration by Sherry Matthews!  
Design Team Member Sherry Westfall Matthews has some fantastic ornaments for you! "There's Snow Place Like Home" will really get your creative wheels turning! As soon as I saw these beauties, I could think of so many wonderful variations! How about some snowmen or Tall Houses? You could even plan ahead and go the Valentine route with some Heart Flowers

Valentine Inspiration By 
Linda Cain!  
    As I mentioned above, the Cameo Ornaments are also excellent for Valentine's Day (or any holiday really!) This gorgeous Valentine Cameo was created by Design Team Member Linda Cain. Don't you just love the fabulous layers? Check out Linda's blog post HERE for some tips and the full supply list!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Stunning China Doll Shrine and Santos Ornament by Kim Collister + More

Happy Weekend Everyone! The last of our Escutcheon Ornament sets are 30% off since we're nearing the end of the Christmas season! And then they will be gone! If you do the math, they are cheaper than if you were to buy just the masonite pieces, so grab them while you can! You can use them for next year, or even make them less Christmasy with your embellishments. I'm also excited that we are now stocking my all time favorite glue! See below!

All Christmas Goodies are on SALE!

I use this glue on just about everything, and I'm so happy to finally carry it! It works great on any of our masonite kits and bits, and holds FAST. When I'm attaching heavy objects that require E6000, I also add a few drops of this glue. It helps the objects hold quickly as the E6000 is drying! Nothing is worse than your art pieces slipping as other glues cure. I'm never without this glue. Because of the bottle style, it has a wonderful shelf life too. I've never had a bottle dry up or clog. I've you've checked out my tutorials, this is what I'm always using! I can't say enough about this glue!

Feature Inspiration by Kim Collister!  
    Design Team Member Kim Collister has a creamy, dreamy China Doll Shrine tutorial for you on her blog! This gal is nothing short of delightful, and uses so many wonderful, whimsical embellishments! And as a bonus, Kim also shows you how to create a stunning Mini Santos Doll Ornament! Hop on over to Kim's blog for the fabulous details:

Inspiration By 
Linda Cain!  
    Design Team Member Linda M. Cain has a lovely bonus post for you. Hop on over to her blog for more information about her gorgeous Snowflake Angels! Such a fabulous combination Linda! So creative and beautiful!

Inspiration By Sylvia Larkin!

We love how Sylvia Larkin attached our Mini Santos Doll to a box lid, to create a piece of art that is both beautiful and functional. And of course her "snow" and glitter makes for a magical winter wonderland. Awesome idea and stunning creation Sylvia!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Victorian Sleigh Tutorial by Linda Cain + More

Happy Weekend Everyone! We're highlighting our sleighs this week, in honor of Linda's AMAZING Victorian Christmas Sleigh below! We love how she added so much dimension using IOD molds and more, and of course her other embellishments are also amazing! The sleighs and molds are on sale too! 

 All of our Christmas Goodies are currently ON SALE and we have lots!

Feature Inspiration by Linda Cain!  

Design Team Member Linda M. Cain has something truly enchanting for you today. Check out her amazing Victorian Christmas Sleigh, perfect for any holiday table or mantel! We love how she added so much color and dimension. Hop on over to Linda's blog for step-outs and links. So gorgeous Linda!

Inspiration By Chrissy Colon!  
    In case you missed them with all your holiday happenings last week, Design Team Member Chrissy Colon has some darling ornaments to share with you! Quick and easy, Chrissy says they can be made in about an hour and are great for gift tags too. And of course they are oh so deer! Find all the details on Chrissy's blog:

More Christmas Inspiration!

Our Scrap Angels are always a fun and easy ornament to make. I whipped these gals up pretty quickly! They would make fantastic gifts for your family and friends. Handmade is always best! Here are the supplies I used: Victorian Scrap Angel Ornaments Style 1 and 2, Angels and Saints Doll Head Paper Cuts, VerDay Paint and Patina SetSnowflake Cut Outs, Peace Dove Cut Outs, Mod Podge, White Sharpie Paint Pen