Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Mold Castings with Quick Cure Resin Inspiration

Resin Casting Inspiration by Kristin Hubick
    I'll admit I'm obsessed with molds! I just had the BEST time playing with our brand new molds and my new favorite Amazing Quick Cure Casting Resin! I couldn't believe how perfect those bee legs came out on my first try!!! I did learn a few things working with the resin, and I'm happy to share!
    1. It cures FAST so work in small batches. I did 2-3 castings at a time. Popsicle sticks are your friend.
    2. You can take it out right after it sets and the pieces are STILL flexible. Remove any "resin skin" as I like to call it from over-pouring at this time. You can also glue your pieces to a curved surface at this point too! Eventually it will turn rock hard, but at first it's sort of rubbery.
    3. Don't worry about over-pouring. It peels right off the silicone molds.
    4. This is little to NO odor. I was shocked!
    5. No mold release is needed with silicone molds. I didn't have anything stick. It was perfect!
    6. Since it starts off clear and turns white when it's set, it was very easy to know when it was ready! Yay!
    7. I made all of these castings and more and barely used 1/3 of each bottle. This stuff will be SO nice if you just need a few castings really quickly.
    8. This stuff is pure MAGIC!

Glue Gun Casting Inspiration by Linda Cain!

More Art Inspiration!

Inspiration by Marie Garot!  
    This lovely Exquisite Shrine was created by the talented Marie Garot! I adore her use of color. The colors work so beautifully together! "Synchronicity" indeed! As do the other elements. So perfect Marie!

Inspiration by Stephanie Rubiano!  
    This stunning Egg Shrine was created by the amazingly talented Stephanie Rubiano! We adore it to bits Stephanie! Awesome job!

Inspiration by Debbi Decker!  
    We love this sweet fairy by Debbi! She made it as a gift for a friend. A lucky friend indeed! Her glitter is so spot on too. She said it was glitter glue. Smart!

    (Sweetheart Fairy 2, Wood Butterflies, Glitter Glue, Face Mold, Prima Modeling Clay)

Art Inspiration!

    Inspiration by Lina Cain!

    From Linda
    "I used a piece of old watercolor collage to make this ATC with icing paste, a stencil, a paperclay-cast frame, glass glitter, stamps and a rusty clip. The frame is painted with Finnabair's liquid acrylic and Metallique paints."

Inspiration by Kitty Tatman!  

This beautiful Moon Shrine was created by the talented Kitty Tatman and I just had to share. I'm so in love with her swirly painted background. It reminds me of a Van Gogh painting! And I adore how she attached her girl so she can swing back and forth! So cool Kitty!

Inspiration by Stacey Smith!

More Inspiration by Stacey Smith!    
    Another STUNNING doll by Stacey Smith, who is on a roll! Awesome colors and textures throughout! A true beauty Stacey. Thank you for letting me share!   

Even More Inspiration by Stacey Smith!  
    This lovely doll is by Stacey Smith. We're loving the fun, vibrant colors. She's gorgeous Stacey and just full of personality. Awesome!

Santos Dolls by Kim Collister

Design Team Member Kim Collister has been on a roll with our Large Santos Doll Kit! And I just had to share them all with you. Each one is so unique and different. And each is SO STUNNING! Amazing job Kim!

    (Supplies: Large Santos Doll (ON SALE this week in honor of Kim's doll), Terra Cotta Clay, Angel Wings (used on head), Rusty Labels, Machine Parts.)

Monday, March 25, 2019

Brand New Tim Holtz Idea-ology Ready To Ship - Transparent Wings + More

Brand New Tim Holtz Idea-ology!  
    You guys!!! All of the new Tim Holtz is in the shop and ready to ship! These are just a few of my personal favorites. Some of it won't last long, like the transparent wings (swoon) and baseboard dolls (double swoon). Grab it while you can! Oh, and it's all ON SALE too! Happy Weekend! xoxo

A New Cottage House Kit and Gorgeous Art Sample by Kim Collister + More

New ATC Cottage House Kits + Windows!  

    I'm so excited that our fabulous ATC Cottage House Kits are now available in two more styles, without windows! These Kits are perfect if you want more room for collage and mixed media goodies! Also, the windows from the other kits are also available on their own in sets of 4! The windows are so lovely, and perfect for tags, ATCs, journals, shrines, and just about any mixed media project! I know some of you loved them so much, you wanted more! So there you go!
    You can also use the new window sets on the new plain House Kits with an image behind them for another style option! 

Tea Cottage Inspiration by Kim Collister!  

    Design Team Member Kim Collister didn't waste any time playing with the new Cottage House style! As I had envisioned, she covered her house with amazing collage, dresden, patina, and more, in her beautiful style. A stunning paper art creation! I'm just loving her captivating Spring-like theme.

More Prima Modeling Material Samples!  

    Several of you have had a chance to try the Prima Air Dry Modeling Material now, and all of the reviews have been 5 star! I recently restocked this magical stuff, so come grab some while you can!

Play Time with Linda!  

    Linda has been playing with the Prima Air Dry Modeling Material again this week. Above is a recent step-out photo from her WIP using the Prima Molds, Modeling Material, and Escutcheon Door Plates. Stay tuned for this amazing project! 
    Linda created the knobs below with the Curio Trinkets Mold and our Wood Knobs. And of course the modeling material. 
    These knobs make a GREAT embellishment for mixed media projects!!! They don't have to be functional knobs. They certainly can be, but have tons of other uses too.

Finnabair Gessos and Heavy Gel!  

    The amazing Finnabair Gesso Mediums (white, black, and clear) are now available in the shop. These mediums are a must have staple and are used as a base for SO many projects, like the altered tin below. This gesso is also perfect to use on or masonite or chipboard, so your paint etc. goes on like a dream! 

    We also have the Heavy Gel listed now too. The gel dries clear and you can make your own pastes by mixing in paint, mica powders, glitter, micro beads, and so much more. Your custom pastes can then be used with stencils or as an embellishment. You can also use the Heavy Gel to glue down objects. Another must have staple with tons of uses! Linda Cain said it's her favorite Finnabair Medium.

    You can find the altered tin video by Anna HERE or by clicking the photo below! 

An Ornate Fairy Box by Linda Cain, Prima Modeling Material, + More

New Prima Modeling Material!  
    The BRAND NEW Prima Air Dry Modeling Material is HERE! I've been drooling over this stuff, and I'm so happy it's finally in stock. It works like a dream, and is SO easy to use. Plus you get a TON OF IT in each bucket. Yes, you get a bucket and you will use it. I've been told it has a shelf life of 2 years, which I'm sure you won't need.
    Linda Cain has been playing with this magical stuff this week. See what she had to say below!

Play Time with Linda!  
    Linda has been playing with the Prima Air Dry Modeling Material and the verdict is in! It's WONDERFUL!
    She said it's very easy to work with and takes paint really well (no gesso needed). A dusting of cornstarch in the molds first wouldn't hurt, but wasn't necessary with this stuff. If you plan on gluing your cast pieces to a curved surface (like a knob), let the clay dry about half way, and then glue to your surface while still a bit wet and pliable! 
    Linda created the knobs below with the Curio Trinkets Mold and our Wood Knobs. And of course the clay. 
    These knobs make a GREAT embellishment for mixed media projects!!! They don't have to be functional knobs. They certainly can be, but have tons of other uses too.

    See a quick video on using the Prima Air Dry Modeling Material!

Ornate Fairy Box by Linda Cain!  
    Design Team Member Linda Cain created this gorgeous Fairy Box, that highlights the new Finnabair Stamps and Antique Labels so nicely. Linda Cain is so amazing at combining Rubber Stamping with Mixed Media and Assemblage pieces. And because the pieces in our Kits come flat, it's easy to stamp them up before assembling. I often forget about this, so thanks for the beautiful reminder Linda! You can see Linda's full post with tips and links here:

Altered Tin Video by Finnabair!  
    We love this altered tin by Finnabair. You can find many of the goodies to make it in the shop HERE. And keep in mind, you don't have to limit the techniques to a tin. Many of our Shrine Kits and Shadow Boxes would be perfect too. You can find the full video by Anna HERE or by clicking the photo below!

    I was excited to get a mention in the video also. I was the one who made the "white and blue chocolates"!!!
    (See my chocolates below!!! They were a blast to make and even more fun to eat. YUM!!!)