Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Mold Castings with Quick Cure Resin Inspiration

Resin Casting Inspiration by Kristin Hubick
    I'll admit I'm obsessed with molds! I just had the BEST time playing with our brand new molds and my new favorite Amazing Quick Cure Casting Resin! I couldn't believe how perfect those bee legs came out on my first try!!! I did learn a few things working with the resin, and I'm happy to share!
    1. It cures FAST so work in small batches. I did 2-3 castings at a time. Popsicle sticks are your friend.
    2. You can take it out right after it sets and the pieces are STILL flexible. Remove any "resin skin" as I like to call it from over-pouring at this time. You can also glue your pieces to a curved surface at this point too! Eventually it will turn rock hard, but at first it's sort of rubbery.
    3. Don't worry about over-pouring. It peels right off the silicone molds.
    4. This is little to NO odor. I was shocked!
    5. No mold release is needed with silicone molds. I didn't have anything stick. It was perfect!
    6. Since it starts off clear and turns white when it's set, it was very easy to know when it was ready! Yay!
    7. I made all of these castings and more and barely used 1/3 of each bottle. This stuff will be SO nice if you just need a few castings really quickly.
    8. This stuff is pure MAGIC!

Glue Gun Casting Inspiration by Linda Cain!

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