Tuesday, May 14, 2019

More Art Inspiration!

Inspiration by Marie Garot!  
    This lovely Exquisite Shrine was created by the talented Marie Garot! I adore her use of color. The colors work so beautifully together! "Synchronicity" indeed! As do the other elements. So perfect Marie!

Inspiration by Stephanie Rubiano!  
    This stunning Egg Shrine was created by the amazingly talented Stephanie Rubiano! We adore it to bits Stephanie! Awesome job!

Inspiration by Debbi Decker!  
    We love this sweet fairy by Debbi! She made it as a gift for a friend. A lucky friend indeed! Her glitter is so spot on too. She said it was glitter glue. Smart!

    (Sweetheart Fairy 2, Wood Butterflies, Glitter Glue, Face Mold, Prima Modeling Clay)

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  1. So much sparkling inspiration here!! Love each and everyone!!


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