Sunday, August 31, 2008

Art Posted

I just posted some original art (FINALLY) on my site. I hope you'll take a peek HERE.
More soon....

Rusty Bits and More.....

I've been feeling a bit under the weather the last few days (It must have been all the traveling), but I did manage to list some new goodies at Retro Cafe' Art Gallery. And as requested, LOTS of RUST!
And best of all, everything is under 2 bucks.
I'm in love with the fat lil' birdies, and the 1" house pieces are perfect for making charms!
I also gave the Home Page a new look for Halloween :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I just listed this bracelet for sale HERE on my Site.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Longest Post Ever - ZNE ConvenZioNE 2008

Be prepared for my longest post ever! I just returned from the ZNE ConvenZioNE 2008 and words cannot express what an AMAZING time I had, but I'll try :). I met SO many wonderful friends in person for the first time, and the inspiration never ceased. In between the many events were late night talks about art and life that I will cherish always. We laughed, cried, and inspired.

Thursday night I stayed in a hotel with my new friend Jill. I could hardly sleep with the anticipation of the days to come. The next few nights I stayed at the AMAZING house on top of the hill, which was rented for event participants.

Friday morning registration...

Of course the Queen of ZNE, Chelise, was there in her funky shoes.

I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle Beschen from the DIY network show "Be Original". I bought Tivo about a year ago just to tape her show. We ended up running into each other at the airport on my way home too.

Chrysti Hydeck, me, and Kathryn Virello

Me, Susan Tuttle, and Chrysti Hydeck

Laura, Susan Tuttle, and moi. We talked at the coffee shop for a bit, and Susan gave me a pep talk about the speech I was about to give at Friday nights event. Thanks Susan - it really helped :). She is SUCH a lovely person.

Me and Joanna Pierotti (AKA Mossy) at her book signing.

Dinner before the 1000 Journals Film event, Lani singing, and me presenting the ZNE gifts to Chel. Needless to say I didn't eat much. Dawn DeVries Sokol, Lisa Kaus, Joanna Pierotti, me, Patty Victoria, Lani Kent, and Michelle

Here I am presenting and reading our speech to the queen of ZNE, Chelise Stround Hery

And then the gifts... Chel was already crying.

Here is the tree that was presented to Chel up close. All of the ornies were created by ZNE members from around the world!

Lani Kent sang a beautiful song with her AMAZING voice!

Me and the wonderful, sweet, Patty Victoria

Me and Mossy

Chel with Andrea, the director of the "1000 Journals Project" film. You really MUST see the film!

Me holding one of the original journals from the project. These things were AMAZING!

This is the house where we stayed for the remainder of the trip. The house and the VIEW was INCREDIBLE! I didn't want to come home!

I stayed in the master bedroom with Lani Kent and Joanna Pierotti! They were wonderful roomies :)

This was the jacuzzi tub. Of course I had to try it - wouldn't you? Oh my it was heaven!

On Saturday morning before Mossy's class I sat on this ledge for almost an hour, just soaking in the view. It was indescribable!

Joanna Pierotti's (Mossy's) class!

Here we are very proud of our finished pieces. Joanna was a fantastic teacher!

Here is my finished piece.

After class Mossy and I relaxed for a bit.

Later that night, we headed to the Blue Agave for the ZNE dinner. Yum!

Here I am with Gina Smith from Indiana. We had to travel all the way to California to meet - but it was worth it!

Me and Julee Herrmann!

Me, Tina Curtis, Lani Kent, Lisa Kaus, and Joanna Pierotti

Me and Donna Cook

Sunday we arrived at the Veteran's Memorial for the Vendor's Fair!

Here's my booth. We only had an hour to set up, so it was the best I could do. I met several wonderful people by participating in this event, and I about fell over, when THE Sally Jean Alexander came over and purchased my Halloween Image CD!

There I am in the green. I enjoyed meeting Shoshanah Jennings of Hannah Grey Curiosities and Dry Goods, pictured across from me.

After the long day of sales (which was a success) I settled in here....

Joanna Pierotti also gave me this beautiful gift, which I adore. I have it hanging in my bedroom :).

Monday morning before leaving for the airport with Dawn DeVries Sokol, author of 1001 Journal Pages. She inspired me to try journaling and we're planning a trade so I can get my hands on one of her handmade blank journals. They're gorgeous and I can't wait! (*Kitties!* you had to be there.)

Until next year, I will miss you all dearly!