Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Longest Post Ever - ZNE ConvenZioNE 2008

Be prepared for my longest post ever! I just returned from the ZNE ConvenZioNE 2008 and words cannot express what an AMAZING time I had, but I'll try :). I met SO many wonderful friends in person for the first time, and the inspiration never ceased. In between the many events were late night talks about art and life that I will cherish always. We laughed, cried, and inspired.

Thursday night I stayed in a hotel with my new friend Jill. I could hardly sleep with the anticipation of the days to come. The next few nights I stayed at the AMAZING house on top of the hill, which was rented for event participants.

Friday morning registration...

Of course the Queen of ZNE, Chelise, was there in her funky shoes.

I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle Beschen from the DIY network show "Be Original". I bought Tivo about a year ago just to tape her show. We ended up running into each other at the airport on my way home too.

Chrysti Hydeck, me, and Kathryn Virello

Me, Susan Tuttle, and Chrysti Hydeck

Laura, Susan Tuttle, and moi. We talked at the coffee shop for a bit, and Susan gave me a pep talk about the speech I was about to give at Friday nights event. Thanks Susan - it really helped :). She is SUCH a lovely person.

Me and Joanna Pierotti (AKA Mossy) at her book signing.

Dinner before the 1000 Journals Film event, Lani singing, and me presenting the ZNE gifts to Chel. Needless to say I didn't eat much. Dawn DeVries Sokol, Lisa Kaus, Joanna Pierotti, me, Patty Victoria, Lani Kent, and Michelle

Here I am presenting and reading our speech to the queen of ZNE, Chelise Stround Hery

And then the gifts... Chel was already crying.

Here is the tree that was presented to Chel up close. All of the ornies were created by ZNE members from around the world!

Lani Kent sang a beautiful song with her AMAZING voice!

Me and the wonderful, sweet, Patty Victoria

Me and Mossy

Chel with Andrea, the director of the "1000 Journals Project" film. You really MUST see the film!

Me holding one of the original journals from the project. These things were AMAZING!

This is the house where we stayed for the remainder of the trip. The house and the VIEW was INCREDIBLE! I didn't want to come home!

I stayed in the master bedroom with Lani Kent and Joanna Pierotti! They were wonderful roomies :)

This was the jacuzzi tub. Of course I had to try it - wouldn't you? Oh my it was heaven!

On Saturday morning before Mossy's class I sat on this ledge for almost an hour, just soaking in the view. It was indescribable!

Joanna Pierotti's (Mossy's) class!

Here we are very proud of our finished pieces. Joanna was a fantastic teacher!

Here is my finished piece.

After class Mossy and I relaxed for a bit.

Later that night, we headed to the Blue Agave for the ZNE dinner. Yum!

Here I am with Gina Smith from Indiana. We had to travel all the way to California to meet - but it was worth it!

Me and Julee Herrmann!

Me, Tina Curtis, Lani Kent, Lisa Kaus, and Joanna Pierotti

Me and Donna Cook

Sunday we arrived at the Veteran's Memorial for the Vendor's Fair!

Here's my booth. We only had an hour to set up, so it was the best I could do. I met several wonderful people by participating in this event, and I about fell over, when THE Sally Jean Alexander came over and purchased my Halloween Image CD!

There I am in the green. I enjoyed meeting Shoshanah Jennings of Hannah Grey Curiosities and Dry Goods, pictured across from me.

After the long day of sales (which was a success) I settled in here....

Joanna Pierotti also gave me this beautiful gift, which I adore. I have it hanging in my bedroom :).

Monday morning before leaving for the airport with Dawn DeVries Sokol, author of 1001 Journal Pages. She inspired me to try journaling and we're planning a trade so I can get my hands on one of her handmade blank journals. They're gorgeous and I can't wait! (*Kitties!* you had to be there.)

Until next year, I will miss you all dearly!



  1. Kris, I certainly enjoyed this post!!! Kinda imagined I was with you over the weekend. wow Looks Amazing. Your Class with JoAnnA looked like so much fun and wow your Room and view. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. OMG what a fantastic time you had, and OMG Sally jean Alexander!!!! wowee!
    brill pics Kristin, that view is utterly gorgeous, and the tub looks so inviting.

    looks like a great time was had by all, you look fab! xoxox

  3. wow !! what a beautiful meeting !!!! you are very lucky !!!!!!

  4. I'm glad this was the longest post ever!!! Kris, you look amazing as does everyone -- you can see by the looks and smiles how wonderful this event was. And how wonderful to see you with so many others that I "know" and have become friendly with!!

    I had so wanted to attend this event so thank you for all the fabulous photographs and your description of the event. It made me feel like I was "there".

  5. Love your post Khrisie, and I miss you all the more. I cried a bit yesterday wishing we were all still together. There is nothing greater on earth than gathering together with our art sisters. But back into our norms we are, until next time!!!
    love you,

  6. Hey, Kris! I gotta get those typewriter keys in the mail to ya...

    And I've decided after looking at those photos of me that I need to lose a few pounds! Yikes!

  7. Hi Kristin - WOW that place you stayed at was beautiful, what a fantastic view! And I too was taken with the whole experience, it's hard coming back down to earth!! I feel so lucky & blessed to have met so many wonderful kindred spirits - can't wait to go again :>

  8. Ok, that's it . . .I'm going next year! Miss Vicky TOLD me I should have been there (darn it) Thanks for sharing the photos Kristin.

  9. Hey Kristin, I am sooooo glad you enjoyed your trip, and that meeting up with all your buddies was all that you wanted it to be an more. the whole trip sounds amazing, but wow oh wow, you were right about that house lol, (worth the 3 million asking price) the views are spectacular, what a retreat. I so love the piece you made in JoAnna's class, and her gift to you:) Lol @ you with your special guest at your trade stall, hope it went well:)x

  10. Hi Kris,
    Meeting you at the retreat was such a wonderful experience! Your post is lovely -- it captures the sentiments of the retreat exactly.

    So glad we met.


  11. Kristin; What a great post. Love the photo of the wine bottle at sunset. Perfect shot. You really have a knack for putting stories together. I have a few great pics too on Flicr if you would like to visit. Mossy has a slide show and there's a great picture of you and Lani in bed that is fabulous. Will add you to my links.

  12. Kris,
    You are an ABSOLUTE DOLL!!! I really enjoyed meeting you! You are a fabulous Artist! I hope we will meet again in the future!
    Artful Blessings,

  13. Kristin!

    Looks like you had a wonderful time with fantastic creative energy all around you. Plus! Great picture post, it's awesome to place the face with my all time favorite altered art supply dealer! *must have more shrines!* LOL!

  14. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pics. What a fabulous meeting. Your post is just lovely!

  15. Dear Krishy!! I miss you soooo much girly girl!!!! I had such a FABULOUS time this heart is filled with such JOY!!!! I wish you and Jo and Lani were closer!!!! Oh gosh I can't believe you're back in Indie!!!! and they're gone too... we have to have you in Cali!!!!
    huge hugs
    Patti V

  16. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos and news. Glad you had a fun trip. It must have been terrific to meet all your friends in person and reconnect with longtime friends too.

  17. How FUN to read all about your adventures!! Sounds like a lovely time :)

  18. oh boy, that looked absolutely stupendous.

    Wish they had things like that here in the UK

  19. YOU ARE so photogenic! Loved this post!!

  20. great photos Kristin!!! thanks for sharing! it was fun!!!! can't wait for next year!

  21. Kris,
    What a surprise to see my face on your page :) Loved getting to know you & am so missing CA it was just the most Fabulous thing I've done in such a long time. Loved meeting you & hope to catch up again soon.
    luv, Jill

  22. Hi Kris!

    Thanks so much for sharing your AMAZING photos and your experience at the ZNE convenzione! Oh, I wanted so much to go there, and now I wish I had been there even more...what a wonderful time you all had, and what a beautiful place to be. Thank you again for sharing this!

    Peggi xo


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