Saturday, December 27, 2008

DT Gallery Updates, Welcome Gaby, and a GIVEAWAY!

Another one of my projects this week was to update the Design Team Galleries on the site. Keep reading for a contest at the end of this post.

First, I wanted to share what Audrey Hernandez created using the NEW fabric collage sheets now offered on the site. You can get ANY collage sheet in fabric! Audrey said they were very easy to use - and just look at the gorgeous art! (she has more in her Gallery on the site).

I would also like to welcome Gaby Bieberle as the newest member of the On Call Design Team! Gaby's art caught my attention a long time ago - what I noticed most was the beautiful colors she uses! And there were no exceptions with her first DT samples! Just gorgeous!

(slide mailer two views)

Okay, now for the contest portion! I want to invite you to take a look at the lovely art now posted in the DT Galleries.
TO ENTER, all you have to do is take a look in the galleries and comment on this post about your favorite piece or pieces. On January 4th I will use a random selecter to pick a winner or winners to win a free digital collage sheet (your choice). The amount of winners will depend on the number of comments. The more comments, the more sheets I'll give away! So you could win free stuff just for looking at some gorgeous art! Easy right?
Here are the links:
DT Galleries
On Call DT Gallery

Be sure to check them all out!


  1. Gah - I'm supposed to pick a favorite?? Everything in the galleries is so lovely! But I'm particularly smitten with Gillian Murray's birdcage in the On Call gallery - it's wonderful!

  2. Well, it's no secret to Gaby Bieberle that I love anything she creates with rusty stuff. So, I guess I'll have to pick everything here with rust! *smiles*

  3. There really is too much to choose from but I especially love the ones with the angels in them. I'm smitten by angels LOL


  4. Wow, sooo many favorites. I really like Kelly Burton's moments. I love anything that has wings in it.

  5. Wow, I just can't pick a favorite. How inspiring! Thanks for inviting me in for a peek!

  6. Hey Kris, congrats to Gaby, I love her style of work, what a welcome addition to your DT, as for choosing fav pieces, man you don't half give a girl a dilema lol, I love Anne Le Toux's style of work, fab colours and textures and Sandy's style of work is just wonderful too:)

  7. I'm glad we only have to comment because I wouldn't be able to pick a favorite. My eye went most to the babies in the tea cups and the ones done by Heather using collage sheet 002 and 003. The flowers were very eye catching!

  8. Hard to chose a favorite they are all very nicely executed! Loved Audreys Door with the hand drawn heart kind of Shabby Chick but with a nice simple personal flare. They all had wonderfully done pieces though and I would be thrilled to hang or display any of them in my home! Kris I always love shopping in the Retro Cafe and you know I do! Happy New Year! Sanna

  9. This is my first visit here and I must say, all your DT members do a great job. The works of Heather Robinson definitely appealed to me the most though. I love her piece, Flowers I adore.
    A really close second is Kelly Burton. Everything was so inspiring to look at.

  10. All the Gallery work is wonderful! What caught my eye were the arches by Heather...just lovely! And I was looking for Gaby's as I like her style with the old pics, but then read she was new, so I will check back often!

  11. So much variety, it is difficult to chose. But I like Gaby Bieberle's slide mailer pictured both on this post and the On Call DT Gallery.

  12. What a hard task, very difficult to pick a favourite.
    I had to have a few second looks at Karen Brown's "she is a beautiful flower, closely followed by her adorable bird trinket shrine, what a fun piece.
    The the DT's gallery I was most drawn to Heather Robinson and all of her bird pieces just love them all, closely followed by Audrey H and her fab door pieces.
    Brilliant from everyone.

  13. How do you pick a favorite out of all the wonderful examples. I love the doors - the red doors that several artists used. If I don't win, I'll have to order that collage sheet!

    btw...pick me....I want to win and I've been a very good girl. Oh, wait, the good girl stuff was for santa, wasn't it?

  14. I really enjoyed everyone's work but here are some of my favorites:
    Bianca Mandity: ATC Shrine #908
    Audrey Hernandez: Fabric Collage #090
    Gaby Bieberle: Digital Collage #226
    Anne Le Toux: Small Bird On Wire Stencil #924


  15. Everything they did are wonderful but if I "must" pick then here are my favorites:

    Heather Robinson- Best Friends
    Audrey Hernandez- Holidays
    Bianca Martely- Green Book
    Kelly Burton- Smile

  16. I usually end up picking bird collages as favorites, but the pensive look of the young girl in Audrey Hernandez's angel collage (sheet #019) caught my eye immediately and stayed with me all the while I looked at the rest. So many wonderful collages. That one just seemed to say something special to me.

  17. Among all this beautiful art, one piece really struck me: Anne Le Toux's, using the Small Bird on a Wire stencil. It combines all my favorite elements--house, birds, windows, doors. And the colors are fantastic.

  18. Oh gosh, after looking through all the Design Teams BEAUTIFUL art...there is NO WAY I could pick a favorite! All of these pieces are just gorgeous! You have an AMAZING and TALENTED Design Team! They are ALL my favorite!!! ~hugs~

  19. Nancy Dooren Colage sheet # 258 is one of my favortes, but it was really hard to choose just one. There are so many gorgeous pieces in these galleries.
    Have a Happy New Year! Love your work.

  20. Everything created from this fabulous design team is gorgeous! I am so inspired! I especially like the work with the fabric collage sheets! Great idea!


  21. As others have said it is almost impossible to pick one piece as a favourite or one artist for that matter. The pieces that caught my attention in no paticular order were Audrey H CS#109 with the eggs, pine branch and rusty key. Heather R. Sing your heart song. Kelly Burton who has to many that I like to name them. I also love the work of Gayle Page-Robak and Viola Erdmann.
    Oh such a hard task.


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