Monday, September 3, 2018

New Artist Trading COIN Border Stencils

Hey everyone! I'm super duper excited about our new Artist Trading Coin Border Mask Stencils! Such a handy little thing with SO many uses. I was so excited that I even made a little product demo video! Truth be told, it's my first so no judging please! Ha! And I did it in one take without editing. I hope you like it! The second photo below shows just SOME of the border combinations you can use with these little stencils!

I did a thing! You can watch my little demo video HERE.

Inspiration By Kim Collister!  
    Design Team Member Kim Collister knocked her Artist Trading Coins OUT OF THE PARK! How gorgeous and colorful are these! She also had the brilliant idea to advertise her Etsy Shop on the back of her coins! You can read more about how to get one of Kim's Coins and visit her Etsy shop on her blog here:   
    Kim made great use of our Paper Cuts in her coins. They are awesome since they are ready to use! You can find several that she used and more in the Paper Cut section of the shop. She used Birds, Moons, Fairy Heads, Santos Heads, Doll Eyes, Sugar Skulls, Skeleton Illustrations, Frida Heads, Fish, Alice, and more!

    Two of Kim's Coin backs on the far right (the blue coins) make great use of the Artist Trading Coin Stencils! Even her backs are stunning! Way to go Kim!

New Website Features!
I wanted to let you know about some exciting new website features over at Retro Café Art Gallery. First, and best of all, the cart now shows you thumbnails of the products in your cart! So you can see your full order and all the goodies in one place! Updating and removing quantities is also much easier! There is also a new "View All" area in product pages. Click it and everything will show on ONE page rather than scrolling page to page! If you've tried these new features let me know what you think. If you haven't yet, head on over and shop! xoxo

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