Saturday, August 18, 2018

Artist Trading COIN Kits

Hey everyone! So nice to "see" you! Today I have something new, fun, and exciting for you. The latest craze! Artist Trading COINS!!! Yes, that's right. You all love Artist Trading Cards, well now we have COINS! Fun 2.5" circles! I don't know about you, but I love working with circles, so this was right up my alley. And of course we have some amazing supplies (on sale!) to get you started!
Below is an amazing video created by Craftyhodges, that will give you a nice introduction to Artist Trading Coins. I created a Kit that comes with all the basics you need to get started. So get rolling!!! (see what I did there?)


Check out this amazing video by Craftyhodges HERE.

Artist Trading Coin Stencils!  
    I designed these really cool stencils to work perfectly with your 2.5" coins. Two of the designs even have an engraved circle area, so you can line your coin up just right. This was an addition I made after I played with the first set, to make our lives easier! Available separately or included in the Kit!

My Frida Artist Trading Coin!
    I couldn't wait to play with these cool coins, and this is what I came up with! Here's my supply list:

    I simply attached a background paper to my chipboard coin, added one of the stencils (all included in the new kits), attached my Frida Head, and then did some doodling! 

Artist Trading Coins by Mandy Chilvers!
    I wanted to share these stunning Artist Trading Coins by Mandy Chilvers! Aren't they just gorgeous? You can see more of Mandy's work HERE on Instagram.
    Now grab a Kit and start creating. Show us what you make! XOXO

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