Friday, January 2, 2015

Mini Crown Shrine Tutorial + New Goodies‏

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you had a fabulous New Year's! You can read about my day below. Of course we are starting the year off right, we tons of cool new goodies in the shop. Stencils, Paper Cuts, Charms, Flowers, and much more!
You can check it out HERE.
In addition to the New Goodies, be sure to check out our HUGE general Valentine's Day Section filled with 100s of great goodies, and our Coffee Break Design Valentine Section filled with tons of unique products!

As is tradition, I spent New Year's Day over at my friend Shaun's craft loft for her annual art day/pitch in. She had the idea to make some upcycled denim slippers. I'm definitely not a sewer, except for some free style collage type sewing. But I'm a good sport, so we went for it. Our slippers turned out terrible, but at least we had fun in the process!

Art Time!

After my New Year's Day slipper fail, I was excited to get back to some altered art. And I knew exactly what I wanted to do with those new candle sticks and our Mini Crown Shrine Kit. This project was really fun, and pretty fast too!
(fast especially compared to 6 hours of trying to sew slippers, and ending up with zero slippers. I made this in about an hour!)

I started with a Crown Shrine that was already assembled, and spray painted my shrine and my candle stick with gold spray paint. Of course you could also use acrylic paint and a brush.

I added some tiny hearts to the back and both sides using our new Mini Heart Stencil and red acrylic paint. The little hearts are so sweet!

I ripped up a piece of vintage sheet and glued it to the back of my shrine.

I added some half pearl bead trim to the edges of my shrine and a Heart Paper Cut to the center. I wanted my heart to be 3D and pop out from the center, so I used a few foam glue dots on the back of the heart and then glued it to the back.

Next I attached my candle stick stand to the bottom of my shrine using super glue. I also painted the hearts on my shrine red, and then covered them with red stickles.

I hand wrote the word "love" on a vintage label paper cut, to use as some staging at the base of my shrine.

I adore the tiny hearts on the sides and back of the shrine!

Finally, I tied a ribbon to my candle stick and surrounded the base with Fire Red Paper Blooms and my handwritten label. The roses and label are not glued. Just a bit of staging :). I had a blast with this project and I'm sure you'll LOVE it too!

Inspiration By Marie Garot!

This gorgeous Sweetheart Fairy is by Marie Garot. The sentiment couldn't be more perfect. And I love the long dangles she added to the bottom. So cool Marie!
(She Also Used Our Marie Doll Head Paper Cuts, Peace Dove Cut Outs, and Ornate Mini Frames)

Inspiration By Sherry Matthews!

We are loving this personalized Ornament created by Sherry Matthews! Using a "You Pick" Letter is such a fabulous idea. Brilliant Sherry!

Inspiration By Amy Nieman!

And here is an incredible cardboard mixed media tag by Design Team Member Amy Nieman using our Victorian Dollie Collage Sheet. Hard to believe it was once cardboard! So creative Amy!
(She Also Used Our Snowflake Cut Outs, Star Cut Outs, and Falling Star Stencil)

Inspiration By Linda Cain and a huge CONGRATS!

A HUGE congrats to Design Team Member Linda Cain for her article "The Magic Of Masonite" in the current issue of Somerset Studio Magazine (Jan/Feb 2015 pg.32). On the newsstands now!

You'll want to go get a copy, as I didn't show all of her projects here! To make things easier for you, I did link most of the supplies HERE.

 Great article and stunning projects Linda! Congrats!
Go get your copy!

More Valentine Inspiration!

Here are a few of my all time favorite Valentine's Day projects to get the inspiration flowing!

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