Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Goodies!

Happy Saturday everyone! We have some really great new goodies in the shop! Victorian Halloween Cameo Ornaments that are beyond gorgeous, new Tim Holtz Stencils, fabulous Winged Skeletons, Charms, and more! The Ornate Cameo Frames are great for any  holiday, not just Halloween! I can't wait to play with them!

Inspiration By Diana Darden!

These super sweet Bird Cage Ornaments are by Diana Darden. Notice how wonderfully she combined her Inka Golds? Fantastic ornament inspiration Diana!

Inspiration By Luci Brito!

This project by Luci Brito is so fun! She used VerDay Paint and Patina on Paper Mache Boxes and plastic animals to create the look of aged metal. If you've not tried the VerDay, you're missing out. It's so easy to use and the results are phenomenal!

Inspiration By Anna Hedberg!

This stunning Victorian Mirror is by Anna Hedberg. I adore the sentiment inside the frame, and love the way she used our Mini Word Stencil. Anna used the Mirror with Clear Acrylic insert to create this fabulous look, however they are also available with a mirror insert! So lovely Anna!

Inspiration By Michelle Phillips!

How amazing is this Dress Form Doll by Michelle Phillips from Australia! The Steampunk Air Findings were certainly a great touch and the butterfly wings are perfect! There are so many fabulous details on this stunning piece. Thank you so much for sharing Michelle!

My Merfolk!

Last week we wrapped up our Merfolk swap, and this is the pair that decided to stay and live in the Retro Café Art Gallery studio. Merman by Deb Moon and Mermaid by 9 year old Zoe Matthews! As you can see, they are busy taking care of their Tiny Mermaid!
You can check out all of the Merfolk on Facebook or on Pinterest. So much inspiration in one place!

Studio Update!

I'm still having a blast in the new studio, and am continuing to organize and decorate. This past week I spent time emptying out the "nook", which you can see at the back of the photo above.

Initially I thought the space might hold inventory, but then I had a better idea. I realized it was he perfect size for a couch and TV. And perhaps a rug and small coffee table. I'm calling it my "nap nook" and I can't wait to use this space to relax and recharge. I'll be sitting here drinking coffee, looking at art magazines, and thinking up lots of creative ideas! I'll show you once the nap nook is complete! xo

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