Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Fun Background Tutorial + New Goodies

New Goodies!

Happy Saturday everyone! We have some really cool new goodies in the shop. A fabulous new House Shrine Kit, a large Crab Shrine Kit (yay!), Vintage Sales Tax Tokens, more cool Molds, and more! All of the Clay and Clay Tools have their own section now too.

Fun Background Technique! 

This week we wrapped up our Merfolk Art Swap (AMAZING ART!), and I wanted to make a gift for everyone. Yep, I gave everyone crabs! LOL!
They came out so cute, and I had a few extras so you can find them in the shop. While supplies last!
The background was extra fun, and I'll share what I did below. I think this would look especially great on our new King Crab Shrine Kit! (He would also look smashing with Relique Powders!)
This technique would be great on any of our Masonite Kits and/or Chipboard Cut-Outs too.

My back is chipboard painted with black acrylic. And lots of random doodling with a White Sharpie Paint Marker.

I started by dry brushing on some acrylic paint. You can use any colors you please. I started with pink.

Then I added orange and yellow. I made sure to paint in different directions, using quick, bold strokes. I purposely let some of the chipboard show through.

Next I tore up strips of vintage book pages.

 I attached the strips with Matte Glue N Seal.

Once everything was dry, I added a bit of paint over the text trips and stamped randomly all over the piece with Sepia Archival Ink. I always like to heat set my ink, just to be sure it won't smear later.

I dry brushed some white acrylic paint over the piece and finished things off with Glamour Dust! The Glamour Dust is my favorite part. It's hard to capture in the photo (you can see a bit at the bottom), but the entire piece has a lovely shimmer. The paint in semi-transparent, so if you only put on one layer, you get the look you see above. The text picked up a bit of color, but just in a few areas which I love. You can build the paint up in layers if you want more color.

I had a few extra crabs, which you can find in the shop!

Inspiration By Gerri Herbst!

Design Team Member Gerri Herbst created this lovely frilly collage piece. She cleverly used the waste from the Small Gothic Windows and added a Medium Gothic Window on top. She also used Collage Sheet CV76, Aqua Fancy Scalloped Dresden, Stickles, Valentine Word Cut Outs, and Paper Flowers. So beautiful Gerri!

Inspiration By Tracy Delisle!

This fabulous Bird in Hand is by Tracy Delisle! The entire finish is stunning and I love the sweet Tiny Eggs she added at the bottom. So lovey Tracy!

Mold Inspiration!

We have some super fabulous new Molds and Clay in the shop, so here are a few pieces to inspire you. I know I can't wait to try the stuff myself! The doll faces are fantastic with several of our Art Doll Kits!

Linda O'Connor has been creating some fabulous faces, and she is largely the inspiration behind the new stock. The gorgeous art above and below is by Linda and you can see more on her wonderful blog.

These mermaids by Sara Vukson are another beautiful example using molded Clay faces!

Merfolk Art Swap!

The Merfolk were due this week, and all of the return boxes have been shipped. We had 27 artists participate with 80 Merfolk! WOW! And each one was so different and incredibly special. Everyone who played did an amazing job and I'm always thrilled to receive the art! AWESOME JOB everyone!
You can check them all out on Facebook or on Pinterest. You don't want to miss it!
The stunning creatures above are by Luci Brito!

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