Sunday, October 3, 2010

Indieana Handicraft Exchange Fall Mini Wrap-Up

Friday night was the Indieana Handicraft Exchange Fall Mini! 32+ amazing crafters in one room. Here is my set-up!

The show was only 5 hours (5-10pm) but there was quite a crowd!

As always, I wanted to share a few customer photos. Here is the sweet Emma wearing her 'new' vintage owl necklace!

And Toni Carr rockin' another owl necklace. Toni is the author of Knockdown Knits and has a second book on the way. She and her husband Dan also own The Strange Brew Coffee House in Greenwood. Way back in the day when I was still painting I had a little gallery show there. Be sure to check them out!

Also, a big thanks to my friends Mike Meador and Chris Meador from Coffee Break Design. They gifted me with this amazing nostaligic candy before the show! It was basically my dinner on the way home :).

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  1. Wow Krishie, you have been a busy girl. Your creations are lovely and fun as always.
    love you.


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