Saturday, July 10, 2010

Out and About

Yesterday I was out and about, and made several stops! First, I headed over to my favorite store in Fountain Square, IndySWANK to restock my display. Here it is!

Next, I headed over to Bloomz new space to drop off my goods! I had pictures of my new display rack, but accidentally deleted the photos :(. So I will have to take more next time I go.

There will also be a Victorian tea room at Bloomz! I love it!

Finally, I went to the secret grand opening of Homespun, a hip new modern craft store in the heart of Irvington! The owners are the same great folks who put on the Indieana Handicraft Exchange!

It was a fun day. Just for fun, here are some button bracelets I made last week. Several made their way over to IndySWANK!

And finally, Papertales recieved their latest shipment of Retro Cafe Art Gallery Collage sheets and they posted about it on their blog! I wish I lived closer. Their store looks fantastic!


  1. I just know you will do fabulously anywhere you sell your jewels! Your display looks wonderful, and everything looks amazing! I need to get a few new things for my display too. I am always trying to make my display look good and good for transporting, since I am starting to sell in Manhattan and take the subway. Well have a great weekend and as always I wish you the best. Michele

  2. Hi Kristin~
    OK....yogurt for doggies....I guess we just don't have the GOODS down here in Bloomington....and the Art area....I am so coming for a visit. Hope this finds you well!

  3. looks like a great day and Love your art!


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