Sunday, June 27, 2010

Room Re-Dos

I did a bit of decorating over the weekend. I was in the mood to brighten a few things up! Summer always does that to me. First, I hung this framed art print in my studio. I LOVE the colors of course and the textrue on the frame is sweet! The artist is Tom Frazier and I bought it from Target of all places!

I've been searching for new bedding for a while, tired of my boring white duvet cover. I didn't want to just settle for something, so I've been holding out, checking Bed Bath and Beyond every now and then and keeping my eyes open. Well on Saturday we were leisurly looking and I fell in LOVE. Sometimes you just KNOW! So here it is, my DKNY Blue Willow Duvet Cover. Even better, it was on CLEARANCE so I paid about 1/2 retail. And yes, with the already existing pink wall, I realize my bedroom now matches my website and blog!

The texture is divine. Light, airy, fluffy cotton. I feel like I'm sleeping in a fluffy princess gown! I love how the pillow shams tie on the sides. Best of all, making the bed is a breeze. The texture hides any wrinkles! I splurged on some fancy shmancy high thread count sheets too. I figure if I'm spending 1/3 of my life here, it might as well be comfy.

I'm also reading this book right now, which happens to coordinate with the room :). It's a fun book BTW, filled with lots of information, and I was able to find it at the library. Sweet Dreams!

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  1. What a fabulous color!!! Its gorgeous! Love the pink walls too! :)


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