Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thank you Mossy!

A big thank you to Joanna Pierotti for sending me a wonderful Christmas gift! I arrived on Christmas Eve (perfect) all wrapped up so cute! It seems strange calling Joanna by her formal name. When we met back in 2004 I began calling her Mossy (her art name is Mosshill Studio) and it surly stuck! Even more, we've grown closer through the years and I now call her Mossy Mommy as I'm her adopted daughter ;). Thank you Mossy! I LOVE it!

It's the sweetest little soldered dress form adorned with beautiful fabrics and rhinestone bling (which of course I love). The pictures don't do it justice.

I couldn't resist placing one of the China Heads on top just to see what it would look like - it fit perfectly! Of course I will display it sans head :).

Here we are this past September at the ZNE convention. I flew all the way to California!


  1. What a beautiful gift from Joanna and it arrived "on the dot" -- serendipitous!!! I love that you call her "mossy mommy" -- Joanna couldn't be a better mommy and she couldn't have adopted a better daughter!!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day Krisin and wishing you a wonderful, creative, healthy 2009!


  2. Hi sweetie,
    Oh, I'm so glad you received your gift Christmas Eve. Glad you like it and I love it with the doll head.

    I wrote to you before we left but your email bounced. We decided to come to So. Calif. for Christmas. We are still here. We will be home Sunday I think. I will try and call you tomorrow.

    Love you,
    Mossy Mom

  3. What a sweet gift and you two are so cute! I am thinking of going to ZNE next year. Hope you are enjoying your holidays!

    Sandy xo


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