Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fantastic Design Team Projects

Hi everyone! We have a newsletter completely packed with Design Team inspiration! Grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy! Click the links for the full tutorials!
Also, scroll down to see what we were up to while we were gone over the holidays!

La Guardarropa Shrine By Kim Collister

Find Your Tribe By Sherry Matthews

Flaming Heart  By Chrissy Colon

Friday, November 4, 2016

New Alcohol Ink Colors + Minis + More

Happy Weekend Everyone! We have some super new goodies in the shop! First we have the new Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Sets! And guess what? There is a set called RETRO CAFE that matches our website colors! How cool is that! Plus lots of new adorable Minis and more!

We adore the new RETRO CAFE Alcohol Ink Set! Check it out! 
And fun tip from Design Team Member Chrissy Colon, Alcohol Inks (which are ON SALE) work great on Sandra Evertson's Relics and Artifacts Resin Blanks!

Inspiration By Teri Reed!  

In honor of Halloween last week, we were loving this amazing Tombstone assemblage created by Teri Reed! It has the perfect combination of spooky and mystery. And of course the RELICS & ARTIFACTS piece is the perfect touch. So awesome Teri!
Gothic Tombstone Bases V: http://www.retrocafeart.com/item_7130/Gothic-Tombstone-ATC-Bases-V--NEW-2016--Set-of-4.htm
Sandra Evertson Relics & Artifacts Visage: http://www.retrocafeart.com/item_6334/Sandra-Evertson-RELICS-and-ARTIFACTS--Archival-Cast--Visage.htm

Inspiration By Mary Jane Chadbourne!

We were also honoring Dia de los Muertos last week! These stunning Heart Shrines were created by the talented Mary Jane Chadbourne! We adore her fantastic colors, amazing textures, and beautiful compositions. Just gorgeous Mary Jane!
Fancy Flaming Heart Shrine Kit: http://www.retrocafeart.com/item_1633/Fancy-Flaming-Heart-Milagro-Shrine.htm
Classic Flaming Heart Shrine Kit: http://www.retrocafeart.com/item_1634/Classic-Flaming-Heart-Milagro-Shrine.htm
She Also Used Our Deco Art Perfect Crackle and DOTD Collage Sheet 1

Inspiration By Cat Kerr!  

"The Journey IS the Destination", a beautiful assemblage piece by Design Team Member Cat Kerr! We adore the fun combination of her paper bits, and of course the lovely metal embellishments. Such a lovely, thought provoking creation Cat!
Escutcheon Door Plate Frame Style 3: http://www.retrocafeart.com/item_6850/Escutcheon-Door-Plate-Frame-Style-3.htm
She Also Used Our Moth Paper Cuts, Santos Head Paper Cuts, and White Sharpie Paint Pen

Keeping Warm By The Fire!  

There was definitely a chill in the air this morning. It's that time of year to get cozy around the fireplace! And hey, you can even make your own mini version! This is one of my favorite Christmas projects. You can find the tutorial and supply links here: http://krishubick.blogspot.com/2014/11/staying-warm-by-fireplace-shrine-and.html
Fireplace Shrine Kit: http://www.retrocafeart.com/item_5890/Fireplace-Shrine-Kit.htm

Friday, October 28, 2016

New Minis + a Festive Banner by Chrissy Colon + More

Happy Weekend Everyone! We have some great new goodies in the shop! If you love Minis, then you're in luck. Several new bits, especially great for Christmas art plus several back in stock minis! And since Dia de los Muertos is next week, some fabulous new Limited Edition Engraved Sugar Skulls! Grab em' while you can!

LOTS of Christmas Stamps were just marked 30% off!!!

Art Time Feature With Chrissy Colon!  

Design Team Member Chrissy Colon has a beautifully festive project for you! Check out Chrissy's tutorial to find out how she created this wonderful Christmas banner! She combined stunning beadwork, resin, embossing, and so much more. Awesome photos and step-outs Chrissy! Check it out:

 Be sure to check out the full tutorial!

Inspiration By Sherry Matthews!

We adore this Theatre by Design Team Member Sherry Westfall Matthews! Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is certainly a favorite movie of ours, and what better way to pay tribute to the late, great Gene Wilder. Sherry's piece is full of incredible details and color, and features one of her amazing sculpted pieces. Such a marvelous piece Sherry! "A World of Pure Imagination" indeed.
Medium Circus Theatre Shrine Kit: http://www.retrocafeart.com/item_3165/MEDIUM-Theatre-Shrine-Kit--CIRCUS.htm

Inspiration By Cat Kerr!  

A little something as we get closer to Halloween, sure to make you giggle, by Design Team Member Cat Kerr. Cat found this quote on a Halloween tombstone site and thought it was the funniest thing. She decided to use a Shrine Triptych instead of a tombstone, and we absolutely love it. So much fun Cat! Be sure to read the caption!Large Basic Shelf Shrine Triptych: http://www.retrocafeart.com/item_5311/Shelf-Shrine-Triptych--Basic.htm
She Also Used Our Bat Cut Outs, Mini Bat Cut Outs, Spider Web Corners, Chandelier Cut Outs, and Tim Holtz Letter Labels

Inspiration By Stampington & Company!  

Did you happen to catch Stampington & Company's newsletter today? They had an awesome tutorial using our Pocket Watch Shadow Box Shrine Kit . You can find the full tutorial on the Stampington & Company website here: https://stampington.com/all-projects/Pocket-Watch-Memory-Locket-Project

Inspiration By Linda Cain!  

Decking the halls with this lovely little Votive House by Design Team Member Linda M. Cain. These little houses have so many creative possibilities and are especially fun for Christmas, which will be here before we know it. Make sure to hop on over to Linda's blog where you will find links to the supplies she used, as well as step-outs and other views of her fabulous house! Such a fun project Linda!
Blog Post: http://cain81art.blogspot.com/2013/11/votive-house-shrine-kit-from-rcag.html
Votive House Kits: http://ow.ly/DYwE305w9Nv

Friday, October 21, 2016

Brand New Adorned Flourish Shrine Kits Inspired By Linda Cain + More

Happy Weekend Everyone! We have so many amazing new goodies in the shop this week! First, we have Sandra Evertson's Dresden Trims, which are even more gorgeous in person! Falcon Crests? I think yes! We also have three stunning new Shrine Kits, inspired by an amazing assemblage piece by Linda Cain! You can find the tutorial for Linda's incredible piece below. And then of course just like potato chips, I couldn't stop at just one. I love what you started Linda! 

Art Time Feature With Cat Kerr!  

Design Team Member Cat Kerr has a fantastic, inspirational post for you today. Not only does she share an amazing Shrine Kit Tutorial with your, she speaks about embracing fear, and learning to live with fear as an artist. This is a post you definitely don't want to miss. Amazing art and a wonderful heartfelt post dear Cat!

 Be sure to check out the full tutorial!

Inspiration and a Tutorial By Linda Cain!

We adore the way Design Team Member Linda Cain combined several of our Kits and Cut Outs to create this exquisite assemblage piece. Hop on over to Linda's blog for a full tutorial. And huge congrats to Linda who is now a Finnabair Brand Ambassador! Not that we're surprised. Way to go Linda! You know we love our Finnabair products too. Read more here: http://cain81art.blogspot.com/2016/10/a-journey-with-lovely-lady-and.html

(The Brand New Adorned Flourished Shrine Kits were fashioned after Linda's stunning piece!)

 Be sure to check out the full tutorial!

Christmas Inspiration!  

These Deer Mount Ornaments are some of my favorite holiday pieces to make! So many creative possibilities, and they are just plain fun! You can find the tutorial and supply list here: http://krishubick.blogspot.com/2014/10/delightful-deer-ornaments-and-more.html
Deer Mount Ornaments (Other supplies linked in the listing): http://ow.ly/iwi7305n5Uu

Alternate Tip: How about combining our Plaque Ornaments (http://ow.ly/RCT9305n6a2) with Sandra Evertson's RELICS & ARTIFACTS Resin Blanks (http://ow.ly/25eD305n6qm). Mount an Ex Voto Heart II, or even a sweet Resin Face (Facia Familiaris) with some Antlers (http://ow.ly/U4JQ305n6KL).

More Christmas Inspiration By Cat Kerr!  

"Tis the Season to be Jolly", a magical Christmas shrine by Design Team Member Cat Kerr is one of our favorites! We especially adore the sweet sledding children she added from one of our collage sheets, creating tons of "action". Stop by Cat's blog for the complete tutorial: http://inthelightofthemoon.blogspot.com/2015/12/tis-season.html

Friday, October 14, 2016

Brand New Christmas Goodies + Frida Niche Shrine By Kim Collister

Happy Weekend Everyone! We have so many fun new goodies in the shop this week. First, we have the awesome new Stickles and Liquid Pearl holiday sets! The custom colors are only found in the sets, so grab them up while you can! We also have some wonderful new Christmas Ornaments, Tiny Snowmen, and fabulous Miniatures! Oh yeah!

Art Time Feature With Kim Collister!  

Design Team Member Kim Collister has a beautiful tutorial for you Frida fans! As always her piece is wonderfully thought out, using so many symbols to pay tribute to such a fantastic artist! Make sure to hop on over to Kim's blog and read her entire post. She also gives you an amazing tip for turning the Niche Shrine into a music box. Stunning piece Kim!

 Be sure to check out the full tutorial!

Tombstone Garland Tutorial By Sherry Matthews!

Design Team Member Sherry Westfall Matthews has a wonderful idea for you, turning the Masonite Tombstones and Sugar Skull Ornaments into awesome Halloween banners! She also shows you how to achieve a fabulous wood grain look. Great project Sherry! You can find Sherry's tutorial here: https://sherrymatthewsart.wordpress.com/2016/10/08/have-a-banner-halloween-or-a-halloween-banner/

This is a great way to use up extra Tombstones you may have. And you can mix n' match the different sets!

Inspiration By Chrissy Colon!  

These Christmas villages by Desgin Team Member Chrissy Colon are so amazing! Read more from Chrissy's post below and don't forget to hop over to her blog! http://twistedmusedesigns.com/welcome-to-christmas-town/
From Chrissy: "Since we are starting to get the jump on Christmas, I have a cool one for you! It uses two kits that you've seen me use before! Another tip, break out that beading wire and put it to good use to create "flying" elements in your work. It's one of my most favorite tricks to do on a project like this.
This project uses loooooads of Retro Cafe Art Gallery goodies all of which are linked in the blog post!"

Snowman Inspiration By Kim Collister!  

Design Team Member Kim Collister created these darling Snowmen for an ornament swap, and they are sure to make you smile! We love the beautiful winter colors, and of course all the glitter! Such handsome Snowmen Kim! They are fantastic!
(Another fun option Kim and I discussed, is to add a layer of transparency film between the frame and niche so you can add glitter, sequins, etc. and turn them into shakers!)
Inspiration Snowman Shrine Kit:

She Also Used Our Mini Ornate Frame Cut Outs (for the niches), Christmas Word Paper Cuts, Heart Cut Outs, and Snowflake Charms. Our Black and Orange Pearl Pens would work great for the faces, and our Glitter Snow is a great option too!

And as of today,  we have TINY SNOWMEN shrines too!

Special Announcement: Many of you that follow me on Facebook already know that I'm expecting a precious baby girl in November. In order to spend time with our new addition and enjoy the holidays
with family, the website will be temporarily on vacation from November 15th through the end of January. If you need any Christmas goodies (or other goodies) for swaps, ornament making, etc. now is a great time to order! xoxo Kristin

Friday, October 7, 2016

New Tim Holtz Christmas Goodies + Tombstones By Linda Cain

Happy Weekend Everyone! The Brand New Tim Holtz Christmas goodies (as well as some restocked favorites) are in the shop and ready to ship! I know several of you have moved on to Christmas crafting, though if you're still working on Halloween, that's awesome too! Of course we have plenty of both! And I know some of you are working on both! To get things started, all of the Christmas Goodies (and that's over 800 items!) are ON SALE! Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos are still on sale too. Happy Shopping!

Art Time Feature With Linda Cain!  

Design Team Member Linda Cain has some frightfully good Tombstones to share with you. As always, packed with tons of techniques and amazing colors! The way she transforms her charms is pure magic! So cool Linda!
Hop on over to Linda's blogs for stunning photos and tips: http://cain81art.blogspot.com/2016/09/tombstone-atc-challenge.html

 Be sure to check out the full tutorial!

Inspiration By Gena Boone-Curtis

Sharing some wonderful mermaid inspiration by the talented Gena Boone-Curtis! We absolutely adore the texture she created on the tail and shells, and the mirror inside the theatre is brilliant. Such a stunning piece Gena!
Mermaid Theatre Art Doll Kit: http://www.retrocafeart.com/item_4654/MEDIUM-Theatre-Art-Doll-Shrine-Kit--Mermaid.htm
She Also Used Our Sea Horse Cut Outs, Fish Cut Outs, and Santos Head Paper Cuts

Inspiration By Stampington!  

Did you catch the cool project in last week's Stampington & Company newsletter using our Chipboard Santos Crown? What a sweet idea and awesome photo! https://stampington.com/all-projects/Distressed-Crown-and-Bookshelf-Propping-Idea

Christmas Inspiration!  

Several of you have been ordering Christmas goodies, so that is my cue. Starting things off with one of my favorite projects! These Pedestal Shrine Kits have so many possibilities, and make the best Christmas decorations and centerpieces! You can find all of the supplies linked when you click on one of the three available styles.
Pedestal Shrine Kits:
You can also find the tutorial here:

Friday, September 30, 2016

SIX Brand New Tombstone Book Kits + More

Happy Weekend Everyone! We're really excited about our SIX Brand New Tombstone Book Kits in the shop! You can thank Design Team Member Sherry Matthews for the inspiration behind these awesome kits! (See below)

As soon as I saw Sherry's tombstone project, I knew what had to be done. And I couldn't stop at just one! I hope you love them as much as I do. 

Worth another look: If you missed the Artisan Powder video I posted last week, you can catch it HERE

Art Time Feature Chrissy Colon!  

Come see what Design Team Member Chrissy Colon has been conjuring up! Her 2016 tombstones are packed with amazing detail and lots of techniques! Plenty of rusting, glittering, crackling, and more! So cool Chrissy! Hop on over to Chrissy's blog for the tutorial: http://twistedmusedesigns.com/2016-tombstones-from-retro-cafe-art-gallery/

 Be sure to check out the full tutorial!

Inspiration By Amy Nieman  

"Fight for the fairy tale, it does exist", by Amy Nieman! A beautiful collage with a beautiful message. We're loving the amazing colors and cool textures. Wonderful as always Amy!
Cotton Spun Mushrooms: http://ow.ly/B7lO304BUdD
She Also Used Our Mini Trees and Deer Charm

Inspiration By Teri Reed!  

These absolutely adorable Misfit Monster Magnets by Teri Reed are making me giggle this morning! The color and stamping is perfect, and oh, those EYES! So much fun Teri! We love them!
Misfit Monster Cut-Outs: http://www.retrocafeart.com/item_7188/Misfit-Monster-Cut-Outs--6-Pieces.htm
Oh, how about some Glow In The Dark Eyes: http://www.retrocafeart.com/item_3073/Glow-In-The-Dark-Googly-Eyes--100pc.htm

Inspiration by Sherry Matthews!  

We're so in love with this Tombstone Book by Design Team Member Sherry Matthews! Such a clever way to use those Tombstones, and so cool how this spooky journal can stand up, displayed on a table or shelf! This piece is so inspiring Sherry. Love it!
Gothic Tombstone ATC Set V: http://www.retrocafeart.com/item_7130/Gothic-Tombstone-ATC-Bases-V--NEW-2016--Set-of-4.htm
She also used our Skeleton Paper Cuts, Gear II Cut Outs, Steampunk Paper Cuts, Word Paper Cuts, and Tim Holtz Quote Bands