Friday, December 8, 2017

Stunning China Doll Shrine and Santos Ornament by Kim Collister + More

Happy Weekend Everyone! The last of our Escutcheon Ornament sets are 30% off since we're nearing the end of the Christmas season! And then they will be gone! If you do the math, they are cheaper than if you were to buy just the masonite pieces, so grab them while you can! You can use them for next year, or even make them less Christmasy with your embellishments. I'm also excited that we are now stocking my all time favorite glue! See below!

All Christmas Goodies are on SALE!

I use this glue on just about everything, and I'm so happy to finally carry it! It works great on any of our masonite kits and bits, and holds FAST. When I'm attaching heavy objects that require E6000, I also add a few drops of this glue. It helps the objects hold quickly as the E6000 is drying! Nothing is worse than your art pieces slipping as other glues cure. I'm never without this glue. Because of the bottle style, it has a wonderful shelf life too. I've never had a bottle dry up or clog. I've you've checked out my tutorials, this is what I'm always using! I can't say enough about this glue!

Feature Inspiration by Kim Collister!  
    Design Team Member Kim Collister has a creamy, dreamy China Doll Shrine tutorial for you on her blog! This gal is nothing short of delightful, and uses so many wonderful, whimsical embellishments! And as a bonus, Kim also shows you how to create a stunning Mini Santos Doll Ornament! Hop on over to Kim's blog for the fabulous details:

Inspiration By 
Linda Cain!  
    Design Team Member Linda M. Cain has a lovely bonus post for you. Hop on over to her blog for more information about her gorgeous Snowflake Angels! Such a fabulous combination Linda! So creative and beautiful!

Inspiration By Sylvia Larkin!

We love how Sylvia Larkin attached our Mini Santos Doll to a box lid, to create a piece of art that is both beautiful and functional. And of course her "snow" and glitter makes for a magical winter wonderland. Awesome idea and stunning creation Sylvia!

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