Friday, April 15, 2016

Graphic 45 Voyage Beneath the Sea + a Steampunk Santos Doll by Kim Collister‏

Happy Weekend Everyone! We're so excited that the brand new Graphic 45 Voyage Beneath The Sea Collection is in stock and ready to ship! Stunning sea inspired paper, ephemera, and stamps! And of course they go wonderfully with all the goodies in our large Sand and Sea Section! (which is ON SALE this week. Woot!)

Art Time Feature With Kim Collister!  

Feast your eyes on an incredible Santos Steampunk Doll by Design Team Member Kim Collister! You're going to adore the cool finishes and amazing vintage pieces Kim incorporated into this stunning masterpiece! Can you spot the mousetrap? That's right! Check out the amazing full tutorial on Kim's blog:

 Be sure to check out the full tutorial!

Inspiration By Martha DeGroat Richardson!  

A stunning mermaid frame by Martha DeGroat Richardson! We're in love with the gorgeous shades of blue, and that bit of netting is the perfect touch! You can almost smell the ocean!
Ornate Mermaid Frame Stand-Up:
She Also Used Relics & Artifacts

Inspiration By Linda Cain!  

For those of you that missed her last year, an incredible Octopus Sea Maiden by Design Team Member Linda Cain! We ADORE the stamping she used to create the "scales", and check out the amazing "sea foam"! Gorgeous Linda!
Medium Octopus Sea Maiden Articulated Doll Kit:
And hop on over to Linda's blog for links, step-outs, and more awesome photos:

Merfolk Inspiration!  

If you're looking for even more Seaside inspiration, check out our Merfolk Swap album. So many amazing pieces!
(Merfolk below by Lynn Stevens)

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