Saturday, November 21, 2015

Sugary Sweet Pedestal Shrines + Tutorial + New Minis‏

Happy Weekend everyone! I'm really excited about this week's goodies! When I saw all of the adorable new sugary sweet miniatures in the shop, I had to find a way to display them! So our brand new Pedestal Shrine Stands were born! They come in three fantastic styles, and as for arting them up, well, the sky is the limit! While they can be used for any theme, they are PERFECT for Christmas. The kits (either finished or unfinished) would make excellent gifts!
You can check them all out HERE.

In addition to the new goodies, we have a HUGE general Christmas Section and a fabulous Coffee Break Design Christmas Section for tons of unique goodies!

All Minis are ON SALE too!

Art Time!

I couldn't wait to jump right in and play with the new goodies! These sweet little scenes were so much fun and easy to create. I made all three in about an hour. And there are a million different combinations you can create. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with. They are too much fun!
Supplies: Pedestal Shrine Stands, Glitter Snow, Pink Bottle Brush Trees, White Mica Flakes, Glitter, Gingerbread House, Rhinestone Chain, Mini Sleigh, Jar of Candy Canes, Glitter Candy Canes, Green Box of Ornaments, White Deer, Mini Candy Canes, Glass Cake Stand, Sugared Lollipop

I began by gluing my stands to my bases. Of course doing this first was much easier! You can use a ruler to make sure they are centered. I eyeballed mine, but then went back to double check.

Next I painted all three with gold spray paint.

I added rhinestone trim to the Classic Pedestal. Dresden would work great too. The Classic Pedestals were designed especially for this!

Glitter Snow is one of my favorite mediums to work with. It goes on easy, like cake frosting, dries fast (to the touch in about an hour), and also works as a glue. I used a popsicle stick to spread the snow. Like I said, just like frosting a cake! 

The Glitter Snow already has some glitter in it, but I like lots, so I immediately sprinkled it with Mica Flakes and more glitter. It will stick. And then I just pushed my pieces into the Snow. The Glitter Snow acts as a glue, and once dry, your pieces will be stuck! It doesn't get much easier than that!

I loved the way things turned out. The little candy canes under the cake plate are my favorite part. And I loved how the pack of bottle brush trees had the three different sizes that I needed!

Of course everything is even more glittery and sugary in person! 

The combinations for these sweet Pedestals are ENDLESS! I can't wait to add mine to my fireplace mantel decorations this year. And I'm excited to see your creations! xoxo

Art Time With Linda Cain!
Things are definitely feeling even more festive with this stunning Articulated Angel by Design Team Member Linda Cain. See how Linda brilliantly combined stamping along with lots of other goodies to create this exquisite piece. We're especially loving her awesome holly! Check out Linda's blog post for more photos, step-outs, and supply links:

Inspiration By Lisa Roulier Wiktorek!

We think this necklace by Lisa Roulier Wiktorek is absolutely groovy! We're loving the color and image that she used. So cool Lisa!
Medium Retro Television Shadow Box Shrine Kit:

Inspiration By Lynn Stevens!

Sweet glittery snowflake ornaments by Design Team Member Lynn Stevens. We adore the pretty images she used and of course the stunning rhinestone trim. So beautiful Lynn!
Small Layered Snowflake Ornaments:
She Also Used Our Collage Sheet Christmas Sweeties II and Rhinestone Chain

Inspiration By Kimberly Heil!

We love how artist Kim Heil combined our Wing Cut-Outs and Santos Head Paper Cuts to create these stunning ornaments! And the combination of paper and glitter on the larger pieces is so perfect. Lovely creations Kim!
Angel Wing Cut-Outs with Ornament Holes:
She Also Used Our Small Angel Wing Cut-Outs and Santos Head Paper Cuts

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