Friday, March 13, 2015

Ornate Crown Wood Block Assemblage Tutorial + More‏

Happy weekend everyone! I'm absolutely IN LOVE with our new goodies this week. So many of them go beautifully together! And of course that's no accident folks. As I added goodies, and designed more, they all evolved around this week's project below! As a big fan of our Stick Stand Ups, I had to design some Minis too, which are so adorable!
You can check it out HERE.

Art Time! This week's project was loads of fun. I had the whole thing planned in my head before I started, and was so happy with the way it turned out! I don't always have a plan. Sometimes I just wing it, and that's okay too!

Maybe you can tell I'm a HUGE Game of Thrones fan as well as a Downton Abbey fan. I think this piece is a great combination of the two!

I started by laying out my supplies. I had a plan after all!

I lightly painted the Fleurs and Crown with gold acrylic paint, sponging it on with my foam brush. I let much of the Masonite show through. The pieces looked almost like gold leaf. I wanted a nice contrast with my light collage images.

My other pieces were painted with two coats of gold acrylic paint.

The main reason I painted my blocks, was because I planned to tear my collage images a bit smaller to created a nice border. If you plan to cover your entire block, painting isn't necessary. The ATC images work great for the 2.5" block since they are the same width. TIP: Use the edge of your block to crease the image, and then tear! Of course scissors work nicely too :).

I attached my torn images using Mod Podge and filed any edges as needed.

I randomly stenciled some dots with white acrylic paint.

I added some ink to the edges of my blocks and colored the Stencil Board Borders with the ink as well. I inked the stars a bit darker, giving them a few extra swipes.

Finally, I assembled all of the pieces using Mod Podge!

Oh yeah! I'm definitely loving this piece! It only took about an hour from start to finish, but looks more complicated (I think).

I had a blast making this piece and the wheels are already turning with so many other variations! Happy Creating! xoxo

Inspiration By Lynn Stevens!

Spring is almost here (just 6 more days), so let's celebrate with this stunning Bird Stick Stand Up by Design Team Member Lynn Stevens! Absolutely incredible painting Lynn! Also, notice how the painted bird matches the collage image near the base. Brilliant!
(She Also Used Our Tiny Bird Eggs, Faux Nest, Misty Paper Blooms, Collage Sheet S29, Birds Sing Mini Word Stencil Set, Large Unfinished Wood Spool)

Inspiration By Gerri Herbst!

How cute are these Primitive Angel Dolls by Design Team Member Gerri Herbst! The happy colors just scream Spring! So sweet Gerri!
(She Also Used Our Word Paper Cuts, Collage Sheet CV126 (wings), Collage Sheet CV113 (wings), Gold Stickles)

Inspiration By Cat Kerr!

Beautiful, Bright, Happy ATCs by Design Team Member Cat Kerr! Especially loving the string and twine bits that were added to the ATC Frames. And of course the glitter. Great texture Cat!
Stencil Board ATC Frames (Honeycomb Bits, Classic Circus Flags, Falling Star)

Inspiration By Linda Cain!

An incredible tiny village by Design Team Member Linda Cain! How cool are her little houses! Yeah! I'm loving Linda's bright happy colors too!

Hop on over to Linda's blog for the full scoop!

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