Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Just for Fun - How a Perfectionist Hangs a Set of Seven Really Random Mirrors

As promised I'm showing you my finished studio "nap nook". My final step was to hang a set of seven different shaped/sized mirrors. As a perfectionist, I can also be a procrastinator. If I'm not sure I can get the job done right the first time, I often wait! So sorry this took me so long!

First, I had to convince myself that it was OKAY to put the first holes in our newly painted walls. And of course I picked SEVEN. (yikes)
I wanted to get it right the first time, so this is what I came up with.

I taped two large sheets of packing paper together about the size of the wall space I wanted to fill.

The seven mirrors are different sizes and shapes and none of them have the hook in the same place so I couldn't just start hammering into the wall (unless I wanted tons of holes. nope.) I played around with the placement, and once I was satisfied, I traced around the mirrors loosely with a pen. Next I picked up each mirror and measured the distance from the top to the hanger. I took that measurement and I added the nail holes with a pen to my "drawing".

I hung my drawing on the wall and moved it around until it was exactly where I wanted the mirrors. While this was still hanging, I took a nail and made some small pilot holes, hammering into the paper, just enough so I could see where to hammer my nails.

I removed the paper and hammered in my nails. I had purchased some fancy picture hangers from the store, but the weren't going to work so I went with regular nails. Remember to hammer them in slightly at an angle so they don't fall right out.

Even though the mirrors are somewhat random, they have a nice "balance". At least my perfectionistic, somewhat OCD brain thinks they do! 

I'm so happy with the way it turned out. My first stab at actually decorating an area. I love a mix of modern and vintage. Hopefully that's what I achieved!

All we have left to do is mount the tv to the opposite wall. Since the tv is square, I thought the mirrors would be a nice balance, so things didn't look too "boxy". Next up is the studio bathroom.

I also hung my Retro Cafe Art banner, which I've had for many years. Makes it all seem official! Of course this photo was pre-mirrors. Thanks for stopping by! xoxo Kristin


  1. I love the mirrors ♥ You came up with a perfect way to hang them!

  2. Fab job my friend! Yes you absolutely achieved the look you were going for and I love the way you did it! genius!! Now can I come over and hang for a cuppa with you on the couch and chat girl talk?! xo beautiful Kristin!


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