Saturday, September 21, 2013

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Happy Saturday everyone! Keeping up somewhat with last week's release, we have several NEW goodies in the shop that will continue to fuel your Dia De Los Muertos art! If you like roses and flowers, you will love the new goodies. They are a blast to play with. I definitely took my turn (see below)! Check it all out HERE.

I had so much fun making these Rose Ornaments! I started by spray painting both pieces white. Then I added some collage, stamping, and acrylic paint. Super easy and I loved the result!

For the Open Rose Cut-Outs, I spray painted all of the pieces white and then added color with acrylic paint. The colors really pop!

Love the Layered Rose Cut-Outs. Again, simply white spray paint and colored acrylics!

The Rose Shrine was the most fun to make. First I assembled the shrine. Then I spray painted the entire piece red. A little acrylic paint, embellishments (including my rose from above), and paint marker accents and done!
My Frida Shrine above will be included in our Dia De Los Muertos Mini Shrine Swap! Come join us!

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