Friday, June 21, 2013

Inspiration Fairy Shrine ART SWAP!

Guess what? It's time for a new ART SWAP at Retro Café Art Gallery!
If you thought the Mini Houses were fun, just wait until you start playing with these Inspiration Fairy Shrine Kits! You can get the full details HERE.

And of course there are several coordinating goodies, many of which are on SALE in honor of the SWAP! You can find them all HERE.
What kind of Fairy will you make?
Here are a few ideas: Explorer, Artist, Garden/Flower Fairy, Circus/Animals, Steampunk, Chef/Cook, Paris, Celestial, Halloween/Gothic, Frida/Day of the Dead, Beach/Summer, Marie Antoinette, Vintage/Junk Queen, Antique Doll, Collector, Dancer, and I'm sure you can come up with lots more!

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