Friday, May 10, 2013

Mini Mania!

Happy Friday friends! Lately, with all the fantastic Mini House Shrines coming through the door I've been in Mini Heaven! And of course one can never have too many Minis, so several new little wonders have been added to the shop! You can check out all the NEW goodies HERE. And be sure to stop by the Mini Section as well!
One of my favorite new goodies are these cube Alpha Beads. They make the perfect little feet or embellishments for our Mini House Shrine Kits and several of our other smaller Shrine Kits as well! In addition to the 6mm silver, we have several other colors available and even some numbers!

These fantastic Art Samples were created by the amazingly talented Debbie Moon! As you can see, Debbie did a great job utilizing the Alpha Beads in two different ways. Her houses are even more amazing in person!

Here is another awesome house by Debbie Moon. Isn't the paint brush "chimney" brilliant?
Our Mini House Shrine Swap is coming to a close and all houses are due on Monday May 13th. Don't forget to stop by our Facebook Page to see all of the samples, and why not try your hand at some of your own? We have plenty of Minis, Charms, and Beads for you to fill them with!


  1. Thank you, Kristin! So many wonderfully creative houses were done for your swap. I feel very honored to be featured both here and in your shop. You forgot to put a warning on the package - highly addictive. LOL I truly had a blast working on them. I will be ordering more soon. They are so dang cute. I'm in love:)


  2. Mini coolness. I seen mini things at retro cafe that i have never seen before. All kinds of awesomeness. I want them all. Especially all those mini people. Oh my word ive never seen such things before. Hopefully their still around for my next order.
    Awesome art supply shop


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