Friday, April 5, 2013

New Goodies That Are Over The Moon!

Happy Friday! It's time for some New Goodies that will  have you shooting for the moon! A few weeks ago we released a Hand, Moon, and Star Shrine Kit, and this week we have them in even smaller sizes! Not to mention a fabulous new addition to our Medium Theatre Shrine Kits and several awesome Collage Sheets. And more of course!

I immediately wanted to work with the new Theatre Shrine Kit. I began by spray painting all of my pieces black. Once this was done the rest of my theatre only took one hour to complete! I simply cut out my pieces from the Blue Moon Theatre Curtains Collage Sheet and attached them using an extra strength glue stick. Sanded and inked the edges a bit, and then assembled my shrine. I added a strip of Aqua Fancy Scalloped Dresden to the front, and colored my Star Garland and Frame using Silver Gilders Paste. Finally I attached the moon that comes with the kit and done! I was pretty happy with the way it looked and I didn't want to cover up too much of the pretty curtains so...

I happened to look down and noticed the new Over The Moon Collage Sheet sitting on the art table and was drawn to the sweet girl. I adore paper moon photos and turns out she was the perfect size. I simply did a fussy cut and then attached her to the top of the curtain so she is suspended, just like a real paper moon photo shoot! I also tinted the moon with a yellow colored pencil. I may add more later, but for now I love my little paper moon photo booth!
Have a great weekend! I hope you enjoy the New Goodies! I'm looking forward to playing some more! xoxo


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