Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Linda's Steampunk Theatre, FUN Announcement, and NEW GOODS!

Happy New Year everyone! It's already been a busy, creative, and exciting 2013 over here! The first thing I would love to share is the STUNNING Steampunk Theatre created by the fantastic, talented, Linda Cain. You can view more photos and how-tos on Linda's post

Speaking of Linda, a few weeks ago she contacted me and asked if I would be interested in her designing some pieces using our Coffee Break Design goods. Being familiar with Linda's work, I jumped at the chance and sent out a box of goodies right away. You can see from the piece above, her projects have been outstanding. So I asked Linda if she would like to be a part of the permanent Design Team and to my delight she accepted! Welcome to the Design Team Linda - we are thrilled to have you! Stay tuned for more lovely work from Linda Cain!

Last week I released a few new goodies including these wonderful "Manikin" Articulated Dolls! I wanted to play with one right away so here is what I came up with...

The pieces come on a sheet that you punch out, so before punching out the pieces, I spray painted the front white, and the back pink. For quite some time I've wanted to try my hand at the art of Zentangle, so I wanted a white surface to work on. Gesso would work as well.

You can find some wonderful Zentangle inspiration on Pinterest. I checked out some patterns and then using a fine black Sharpie, went to town!

And here she is, my first Zentangle Female Manikin! I used Black Eyelets to attach the pieces once I Zentangled all my parts!

The new Manikins also inspired some more JUST RELEASED goodies! Like these Stand-Up Busts (Male and Female of course!)...

Stand-Up Hands (in 3 different styles)... and More!
Check out all of the NEW goodies HERE! I hope you are looking forward to 2013 as much as I am! xoxo


  1. YAY to both Retro Cafe Art and Linda--a perfect match!

  2. I saw Linda's creation on FB and thought it was outstanding. Her attention to detail and the colors she used are wonderful. What a score that she is now a part of your team! And you have quite a group, I must say!
    LOVE the Zentangle piece....somehow it's intimidating to me! I've resisted playing with the technique because it looks hard. NOT?
    Happy New Year to you, too. I love all the new goodies you have in the store. When I get back from a short vacation, I must come over and check it all out!

  3. i've been waiting to find out what you were going to zentangle!!how clever..looks fabulous!! i have tried it once...i didn't find it enjoyable..but maybe on a piece like this it would be!!
    Linda's art is gorgeous...a wonderful addition to your fab design team!!
    well..going to get coffee,a snack and settle down for an enjoyable visit to "new goodies"...and will probably wind up checking everything and older!!!

  4. I must compliment you, as always, on your new & ingenius goods-- I Love the Stand-Up Busts! I can see them on my fireplace mantle already, done or not, hahaha!
    And I ADORE the Stand-Up Hands-- they remnd me of the tall ceramic vintage glove molds, mmmm.
    And you know, some of your other smaller stuff would be so fun to put on the bases--like the masonite coffee cups I just ordered from you!
    OH--and the zentangling-- I also use CBD stencils when I do my zenny-doodling (and architectural templates too) because I love the mix of rigid shapes with perfect lines, with my own linework.
    HMM, could there be a zentanglish swap or facebuk show sometime in the future?
    ...Wonders never cease at Retro C.A.!


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