Thursday, September 27, 2012

NEW Theatre Shrine Kits, Alice in Wonderland, Steampunk, Circus, and lots of Day of the Dead!

Hey everyone! I can't wait to share our FABULOUS new products with you! I had a great time designing them and an even better time playing with them. I probably say that every time, but really, I had the most fun with these! First off we have FOUR new Theatre Shrine Kits! They are smaller than the original Ornate Theatre Shrine Kit (which is still awesome by the way) but these are much less commitment. And if you know me, you know I love small. The new Medium Theatre Shrine Kits are just the right size in my opinion. I think it would be great to have a whole "village" of them. Not only are there kits, but there are also coordinating Curtain Collage Sheets, Paper Cuts, and Theatre Character Stands. Everything but the red paint came from Retro Cafe Art Gallery to create my two theatres! Alice above and Circus below. For the Alice Theatre, you can find the links to the supplies used here.

This Circus Theatre was such a joy to create! Talk about childhood circus memories. I could almost smell the popcorn as I was playing. You can find the supply list I used for this Theatre here.

As I designed the Theatre Shrine Kits, they all started to take on my favorite themes. Steampunk, of course!

And my second favorite holiday to Halloween, Day of the Dead. As you can see from the other new goodies, I kept running with the Day of the Dead theme.

The Theatre Stands are one of my favorites of the new supplies. They are super handy and you can convert any image into a Stand-Up! Think trees and other "stage props" too!

Back to Day of the Dead. One of my favorite Day of the Dead decorations is definitely Papel Picado which means "perforated paper", but generally the flags are really large. So I started thinking... Should I? Could I? and the answer was YES! Actual tissue paper picado as small as 3/4"! You even get some with the Day of the Dead Theatre Shrine Kit! You will need to add your own string, however I found that dental floss works like a dream because it has a flat edge. I simply added a touch of Mod Podge to the floss and stuck them on.

And then one thing lead to another and I had Masonite Papel Picado! This stuff is great because it's super durable and excellent for jewelry making. As you can see above there are many ways to attach them too. You can find the supply list for my necklace that's on the top here. When you apply your acrylic paint, brush it on with thin layers so you don't clog your holes. If you get paint on your edges, simply sand it off and then apply a black archival ink to the edges. This worked beautifully on my necklace. To finish the necklace I added a thin coat of Spray Acrylic for protection. You can make your pieces reversible too! For my necklace, I left the back natural dark brown for a classy look. These would make great craft show sellers. As would the ornaments below!

If you like to paint and doodle, you will have a blast with these large Sugar Skull Ornaments. I know I did. They are also great with our Stencils. My skull ornament supply list is here in the listing. With Sugar Skulls, pretty much anything goes. I can't wait to add some glitter and bling to some too.
We also have 10 awesome new Collage Sheets in the shop! Not to mention new Halloween Stamps, Washi Tape, Charms, and more. Check it all out HERE. I would love to know what you think about the new goodies! Your feedback always keeps me motivated to keep on creating!


  1. Love, Love, LOVE the Day of the Dead ornaments.

  2. Im in love with the Mexican flag necklace....Beautiful theaters too!

  3. I love Day of the Dead stuff, especially since it's coming up! Beautiful blog, beautiful post - I'm so glad I found you. :) Going to have to tweet this and share all over. :)


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