Sunday, August 26, 2012

Giveaway Winners!

Hey all! We're back from vending at CREATE in Chicago, and we had a BLAST! Here is a shot of our (very large!) booth. And of course Bianca getting ready...
A huge thanks to all who came out to shop!

I do believe I have some giveaway winners to announce! The winners via the random number generator are:

Skull Beads, Shrine Kits, Charms
#5 Linda Brun

Vintage Shoe Tag Set
#29 Creepy Glowbugg

Please email us at to claim your prizes.
And another big thanks to Barbe Saint John for her gorgeous Shrine Kit samples and generous giveaway. Go see who won on Barbe's blog!


  1. love your booth!!
    congratulations to the winners!!

  2. A big congratulations to the winners. Hope you'll enjoy the giveaway because if I did win. I'll be jumping for joy.
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