Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Love Retro Cafe Art Gallery CONTEST! Over 5 FABULOUS prizes!

It's that time again for another fantastic contest! This time the contest celebrates all things Retro Cafe Art Gallery! And because we love our customers, we have some awesome prizes for you! Speaking of awesome prizes, we are super excited about a really fun addition to our contest. We have teamed up with our friends at 100 Proof Press, and they are going to be a guest judge for the contest. Their team will be selecting their favorite to win a $30 100 Proof Press Gift Certificate! How cool is that. They have amazing stamps so this is a great prize!

There will also be two $50 Retro Cafe Art Gallery Gift Certificates and two Coffee Break Design goodie packs! Not to mention everyone who enters will get a fabulous Digital Collage Sheet plus we will be adding prizes as we recieve entries (see below). And it's so easy to enter. All you have to do is submit art that incorporates at least 1 product from Retro Cafe Art Gallery! You don't even have to purchase it from us. As long as we currently carry it, you are qualified! We have SO many goodies in the shop, you are bound to have something at home. See the details below!

The Rules:

1. Submit up to 3 pieces of art! Each piece of art must include at least one item carried by Retro Cafe Art Gallery! You don't even have to buy it from us, as long as we currently carry it you're qualified. Of course it can have more than 1 product, but at least 1 is required. You can have 1, 2 or 3 entries. All mediums are welcome!

2. Email your photos to subject: I Love Retro Cafe Art Gallery. Please send a separate photo for each entry (just 1 image per entry - and yes you can make a photo collage). Files between 200 -300 KB preferred. I will post these photos on our Facebook page in this album as they are received. Please include your full name in your email and the Retro Cafe Art Gallery product(s) used. We only need photos, not the actual art! You will immediately receive your FREE Digital Collage Sheet via email after we receive your first entry. You can even use it for your 2nd and 3rd entries :).

3. Deadline to enter is Sunday December 4th.

4. We love our International customers and you are always welcome to play!

The Prizes:

1. There will be two, $50 Retro Cafe Art Gallery Gift Certificates awarded using a random number generator. *NEW* The 100 Proof Press team will also be voting on their favorite for a $30 100 Proof Press Gift Certificate! In addition 2 Coffee Break Design goodie bags will also be given out to 2 random winners. No doubt they will contain Shrine Kits, Stencils, Cut-Outs, and more. AND for every 25 entries received, a 5 pack of Digital Collage Sheets will be added to the prize pool. So FIVE+ prizes. $130 in Gift Certificates alone. What are you waiting for? Get those entries in early so we can all be inspired!

2. ALL players will receive a special Digital Collage Sheet just for playing, so everyone WINS! The sheet will be emailed to you immediately after submitting your first entry. And yes, the sheet can be used for your other entries.

3. Please help share the love by posting about this contest on your blog, Facebook, website, etc. Remember, for every 25 entries we receive, we will be adding to the already awesome prize pool! Feel free to use the Retro Cafe Art Gallery button at the top of the post. Good luck and let's have some fun! xo


  1. how generous!!
    what a fabulous giveaway!!!
    I'd best get started!!

  2. FABULOUS! What a great Company to team up with, and what a wonderful variety of prizes!!!


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