Sunday, February 21, 2010

Studio Time and Buster

Craft shows are a comin' so I spent part of the weekend in my studio making some goods :). The tiny aquarium pendants make me happy, and you never have to flush the fish down the toilet!

Any Arrested Development fans out there? I coudn't resist making a Buster, which will be turned into a ring for moi. My BF and I have been watching the whole series via Netflix and it's the best show ever! We are constantly doing impressions of Buster! "Heeey Brother".


  1. I have not watched Arrested Development but will order it on our Netflix since you recommend it!

    I love the pendants....I have been doing my darndest to work with resin and have made a complete mess of it. I end up having so many bubbles in mine. I am going to try again though.

    I love all my new goodies...thanks for sending them so quickly. You are a doll :)


  2. I've never watched AD but plan to order it to watch on Netflix after I finish watching the Psych series.

    I love the fishy pendants. Adorable

  3. Oh, those little fish are spectacular!!!

  4. AD was one of the best shows EVER on TV!!

  5. Hi Kristin! Yay, so happy you received your quilt safely! Thanks so much for your sweet message!

    Your newest creations are wonderful! Love the tiny aquarium pendants.

    Lisa :)

  6. I like fun jewelry like this, I have taken some flack for wearing some of my fun jewels but I don't care it's me, and that's just the way it is, so wear your Buster ring proudly LOL


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