Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Banner and Lots of China Doll Heads

The other day, I hung up my banner that I usually use for art/craft fairs in my supply room and I LOVE how it looks! I'm very against putting holes in the walls (when we bought the house we spent DAYS patching holes), however I recently discovered the Command Hooks by 3M so problem solved! They come off the wall without leaving any marks. I also rearranged some of my favorite babies :).

I also had an order on my site for 18 doll heads with cutting fee, the most I've ever done at one time! They looked so sweet all lined up. Doesn't it look like the larger doll is the teacher lining the "children" up for a school photo? Lol! I love how each face is a bit different! That's hand painted for you :).


  1. Kristin they are so very sweet,
    and so are your big doll.

    Hugs Dorthe

  2. Your banner rocks, and what patience you have to cut all those heads!!!

  3. wooowooohPerfect banner Kristin! the colour combo & the font & the bird shape-love it!Funky whimsical vintage


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