Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Few Thank Yous!

I'm such a lucky girl! I received some most wonderful gifts in the last few days! The scarf below was gifted to me by the oh so talented Joanna Pierotti or "Mossy" or "Mossy Mom" as I call her! She created it from the most gorgeous fibers!

And here I am wearing it last night. I had so many compliments on it as I was out and about.

Joanna (Mossy) also sent me a super cute paper mache' doll (my first paper mache' cutie). She had a pair, and sent me this photo and told me to pick my favorite. Of course, I picked the more serious one, which was great because Mossy wanted the "crazy" looking one! They remind me of us when we went on a trip together. Mossy was tossing things out of her suitcase, trying to find something, while I, miss OCD, was putting everything back right behind her! They are so us :). I also sent her a little composition doll. I too had twins. Ever see "wife swap"? We had a "doll swap".

She has settled in nicely (Mossy also created the lovely altered book behind her) though I think she misses her crazy sister!

Also, the most lovely gifts arrived today from my friend Diana! They were a late Christmas present/early Valentine's day gift and I LOVE them all so much!

I especially love this whimsy little rabbit! Thank you Diana! I'm so happy to have some of your beautiful art! xoxo

Okay, got to run. Christopher and I are headed out for some sushi! The soft shell crab roll is my absolute favorite!


  1. OMG I love the crazy doll, I think I'm a mossy
    have to laugh at you sorting the suitcase, can you not come here and sort my house out??
    gorgeous scarf, and gorgeous doll and gorgeuos artwork from Diana, lucky you!!! xox

  2. Ahhhhhh, you look lovely in your new scarf! I love scarves...scarves and hats are my weaknesses!

    I am loving all my goodies I bought from you!

    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!


  3. That's a beautiful photo of you and ypour scarf!! Enjoy all your new pretties!! Wait until you see what I made with your little dolly collage sheets today!!

  4. Hi Kristin,

    so wonderfull gifts you recieved,
    love the lil doll, and the scharf. I too recieved a schrf from Joanna, and love it too, it is in turquise colors, and beautifull as yours.
    congratulations with all your gifts.
    xo Dorthe

  5. Have to tell you, that you looks so sweet and beautifull in the picture.
    xo Dorthe

    Hope my last comment here is by you?

  6. Seems it did not ,so once again, :your scarf is so beautifull, -I got one from Joanna too, but mine is turquise,and wonderfull as yours. Love the lil doll too,-and your story about you two and the suitcase.
    xoxo Dorthe

  7. Those dolls are precious and you are sooo cute :)

    Sandy xox

  8. so fun to see my beautiful adopted daughter in her scarf. You really are so pretty my sweetie girl. Did I ask you if you still wear headbands? I can't remember, but wanted to make you one if you did.

    Your cuff bracelets are so fun Krishie. Love that you are creating fun stuff for you to enjoy.

    love you,
    mossy mom


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