Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Road Trip and CONTEST!

This weekend, I went on a road trip to Monticello, IN to visit my mom and my brother, who came for a visit from Maryland! We had a great weekend, and below are some of the highlights.
On Saturday we ventured to a nearby quaint town, and found a lovely little diner for lunch. This is the outside, it was so historic!
(p.s. these photos were taken with my new camera. What do you think?)

We had an amazing lunch consisting of home-cooked beef n' noodles, a roll, and drink for only $6.50 each! It was so yummy!

Here is a picture of me and my mom with out matching Hawaii shirts from my recent trip :).

And a picture of my brother making a silly face. I threatened I would post it on my blog, and he said he didn't care so there it is!

Here's a better photo of him, doing what he loves. He's an amazing photographer and luckily taught me some things about my new camera!

After lunch, we went on a boat ride on Erie Canal. The weather was perfect and the canal was beautiful.

They also had some excellent antique stores! Here are a few treasures. I didn't take any of them home, but of course wanted to.

I didn't pass up everything though. I could resist taking home this LOVELY antique composition doll. She is known as a "mama doll" but her crier box is now silent. The crackle in the paint was irresistible. Of course, Chris thought she was creepy, but that's okay!

I think perhaps she needs a name? And since it's been some time since I've had a CONTEST, the person who posts the name I like best, will WIN 2 FREE digital collage sheets from my store! Winners choice. Just add your name to this post and I'll pick a winner on Monday, September 14th!
Be sure to leave your email if I can't link back to your blog so I can contact you if you win!


  1. When I first scrolled down and saw her, the name LuLu came to mind. So there, that's the name I'm submitting :)

    I love it when you take me back to Indiana *sigh*

    Have a great week ahead!

  2. Kristin,

    Are you sure this little cutie is a girl??? I think this is a boy doll!! I think he looks like Christopher Robin when he was a wee boy!! In fact I'm just sure of it!! :)

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  3. I think she needs an old name, like Tabitha or Prudence.

  4. I think her cracks are much cuter than my newly forming ones. I just love her and can see why you didn't pass her by. I think her name needs to be descriptive. I am naming her Eloquence...because she IS witty & expressive.

  5. I was thinking of Annabelle - old but charming. I have several of these dolls from my grandma - I don't think they're creepy at all! Jamie V in MT

  6. I've always liked the name Clara, it's old-fashioned and I believe French in origin.

    So, my suggestion is Clara Rose.

    Looks like you had fun with your family!

  7. Aww sometimes I wish I had a (silly and talented) brother too! Your doll is just DARLING! The name that came to mind when I saw her was Bella (cause she's so pretty- cracks and all).


  8. I think Mabel would be fitting, jennifer
    queendragonfairie at

  9. Oh she is just Darling, So I think Darla would fit her perfectly! Love all your pictures too. What kind of camera did you get? I'm in the market for a new one.
    Thanks Lynn Stevens

  10. Oh My Gosh she is so precious...I am so jealous.

    I think her name is Grace Ella...because she seems so graceful and precious.

    Create & Share
    Linda (Okla)

  11. Beautiful find. I think a she should have a name which was common to her era or at least a little "old fashioned" sounding. How about a beautifully femanin name like "Iris?"

  12. How about something beautiful, femanin and vintage like "Iris?"

  13. I love your store and the doll is wonderful! How about naming her, or maybe it is a little boy doll - I can see that - Francis, Frances? Not sure which spelling to use but I like the name for this old doll. Works either way! Ever read Little Women? Frances was such a charming character.

  14. BETH.....a name as sweet as this doll. I have a similar one in the attic right now. Sure wish the crier box still worked!

    Your trip was really scenic and those noodles look YUMMO!

  15. She looks like a plain and simple "Ruth" to me....
    lovely she is!

  16. want to tell you the doll is so old ...I would say sally....
    Betty, or mary ellen, Mary Ann, but i like sally or betty better......Thank you and iam from Indanpolis Indiana.....46222
    but I like in southren calif for now...we bought a house in ownesville Indana,,,,,

  17. Christine HonsingerSeptember 5, 2009 at 3:03 PM

    She looks like a Lottie to me! Or, secondly, I could see her called Adelaide...She is lovely!

  18. I love all of the suggested names so far ~ but I would name her Betsy. Maybe even Betsy Louisa. Good luck finding her true name. Your day sounds like it was so WonDee!!! Blessings, Katie

  19. I think she looks like a Greta ( would say Gretel but that sounds funny without a Hanzel:)... or Sally.
    Your road trip makes me long for one - it's that time of year for sure - I'll have to look up Monticello to see how far north it is; there are several lovely towns in the area!

  20. Hi Kris- What town besides Monticello? I'm on a need-to-know basis with all my travel! I have relatives from Goodland and Remington, too, and Rensselaer, and of course my Maryland connection. Such a small world. I think it's a boy, too! If you can't name it Chris, then how about Jackie Blue (also unisex) or Jack Spratt.

  21. She deserves a beautiful classic name like Tess...

  22. Forgot to leave my email addy. I believe she deserves a beautiful and classic name like...Tess. I'm @ sweetbrier at shaw dot ca

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. I'm sure this is a boy...but, since there seems to be some confusion about that, how about "Billie"? That would make him a Southern boy, or a Northern girl. Aren't I practical? You could also complicate things more by giving "it" a double name as was popular then. "Billie Bob"? "Billy Sue"?

  24. What a lovely doll! I would say Mary Jane or Charlotte. Good luck!

  25. what a lovely trip you had..I so enjoyed the pictures! thanks for sharing.
    As for a name for your dollie...I like Ruth-Ann !! Seems appropriate for the period and her sweet face.

  26. She has traveled far and long to be with you. I think Raphella is her true name.

  27. When I first saw her the name Abigail came to mind, but then she also reminded me of my gramma Bessie....Have fun picking a name!

  28. The name Pearl comes to mind. A natural beauty!

  29. What a darling doll! I would like to enter your contest with the name Muriel. That was my Grandma's name and I love the classic names. Thanks for hosting such a fun little contest! Amy :)

  30. My daughter and were admiring your pretty doll and the love you put into her. I say she looks like an Annie. My daughter votes for Annalise or Rosie. We can't wait to see what you choose! Thanks,
    Jennifer (

  31. She is heavenly- How about the name Eden?

  32. gorgeous doll - I love t he crackle too! I think she looks like a Bethany to me :)

  33. Well, she looks like an angel now, so going with angel names, how about
    Jophiel-Angel of Enlightenment. Or, to respect her beautiful aging, Rehael -Angel of Respect - Inspires us to respect the wisdom from our elders; those who walked before us.
    thoughtcrimes1984 at yahoo dot com

  34. ow about Kewtie Pye?
    Judith at Artisticaneum

  35. My grandma gave my sister a doll back in the midcentury past and she told my sis the doll was a magical child named

    Plainannie Krinkleine

    My sis loved that doll so much she named her daughter Andrea but the call her Annie
    Grandma's name was Annie Frances and she was very german.
    So thats my entry

    Plainannie Krinkleline

  36. Since it was love at first sight I think you should name her "Ma Jolie" My Joy. After all she is your little bundle of love! Look at all the hapiness she has brought you.
    Sharon from the windy city.


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