Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Collage Sheet - Hello Dollie NATURE Fairies

CUTENESS ALERT! I just created a new collage sheet, "Hello Dollie Nature Fairies" and I'm in love. All of my favorite elements: fairies, eggs, and dolls!

You can get your sheet HERE on my website!

But what/who inspired the sheet? Read below....

After sending my last two collage sheets to DT member Kelly Burton, she sent me the oh so inspiring art sample below! After getting Kelly's permission, I knew I just had to have a sheet full of lovely egg babies :).
Thanks for the inspiration Kelly! Genius!

Okay, so I spent more hours on that sheet then I wish to disclose when I should have been getting ready for an art fair this weekend. I have SEVERAL coming up and consecutive weekends to boot! I'll be sure to post pictures.


  1. another gorgeous sheet, great idea Kelly, and the sample is beautiful.
    lol@ your preparation for the art fair, I'm sure it will go well- good luck and enjoy! xox

  2. Yes these are funky and lovely.
    Fantastic sheet. Love them.

  3. Wow I love, love these egg babies how cute....what a great idea. I am glad you followed thru and made collage sheets. I will have to get one.

  4. really adorable! You are so talented my dear.


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