Sunday, June 21, 2009

Irvington Art Walk

Yesterday was the Irvington Art Walk and I was placed at the Rejuvenation Station Massage Center. The center is a GORGEOUS Victorian home from 1901, so of course I took some lovely pictures. Traffic was very slow, but I made the most of it and spent a lot of time rocking in a chair on the awesome porch, drinking homemade Chai from my hostesses.

My set -up was on the dining room table. I'm so in love with this house!


  1. Ok, I brought back memories for you when I mentioned Butler University recently, so I guess it's YOUR turn to make ME go back down memory lane . . .

    Irvington?! My great aunt owned several homes in Irvington that she willed to several of us back in 1973 when she passed on. I was a "youngun" back then and in college with no job. I sold the house to another relative. Huuuummm, I wonder what became of those great old homes???

    That is one beautiful Victorian home you were set up in! I miss those big ole porches *sigh*

  2. hi sweetie,
    what a great house to have a show in. I would love to live in that.


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