Thursday, April 16, 2009

Doll Head News!

As you know, I sell Antique German Doll Heads on my site. Well, I'm now offering an exciting new optional feature - I will cut your doll's neck for a small fee so they are completely ready to use!

Here's the complete info:
* Here it is by request - I will cut/file your doll heads neck for a small fee so your doll is ready to use right out of the box! I know many of you don't have the tools, and it can be a messy process, so I can do it for you. (See picture for examples - neck lengths may vary, but they will be nice and smooth). I can cut any of the antique doll heads. Of course, only purchase this fee if you are buying doll head(s).

PLEASE NOTE: The fee is PER DOLL HEAD, so if you buy 5 heads for example and you want them all cut, be sure you buy 5 cutting fees.

* If you are not buying the cutting fee for all of your heads, please specify in the comment section what you would like cut.

Also, the mini paper roses have been restocked!

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