Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Art To Share

Nothing makes me happier than seeing the products from Retro Cafe' Art Gallery come to life!
I had a few pieces I just had to share! Here are some GORGEOUS charms created by Tammy Akervold of Little Junk Shop using the 3-D Acrylic House Charms. I had NO idea they could look so cute!

And Jean Zoss of Bluebirds Living in the Meadow always comes up with the most amazing and creative ways to use the Shrine Pendant Kits! Isn't she incredible?

I'll also be posting some yummy Design Team work very soon! And keep that art coming, I love to see it! I'm still waiting for some pictures of the chipboard house kits so we can have some contest winners :).


  1. Oooooo, I LOVE the Madonna! I'm on a little bit of a religious icon kick, myself! She did a beautiful job.
    And your stuff is just such a fabulous place to start, Kristin!

  2. Oh, and thanks so MUCH for your kind words!!!! I love those little houses!

  3. They are amazing! Love the art on these especially the one Jean made! WOW!

  4. oooo -- i love those teeny weeny houses -- soooo cute! did i ever tell you i make dollhouse miniatures?

    hope you are well my friend.


  5. These pieces are beautiful!
    Magic and Joy!

  6. these are gorgeous pieces, absolutely stunning, both of them. thanks for sharing, I love to see what people do with your fantastic stock, I think I NEED to place an order soon!!!

  7. Hey Kris, love the new house kits, especially now having saw those gorgeous examples. Hope you enjoyed your birthday:)

  8. Ooo I love them all! Thanks for showing these examples!



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