Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thank you Dawn Sokol!!!

I received the MOST LOVELY personalized journal in the mail from Dawn Sokol, author of 1000 Artist Journal Pages! I had the pleasure of meeting Dawn at the ZNE Convention this past September, and we made a trade :). She really personalize this journal by using my favorite colors, elements, and some quotes/words significant to our trip back in September.

The details are amazing! Just look at this binding. She makes the journals from scratch!

I have to tell you the story about some of the text and the eyes on the back of the journal. The house we stayed in was at the top of a winding, scary hill. One night we were driving home, when Dawn spotted some glowing eyes on the side of the road and exclaimed "Ooohhh Kitties" in a excited voice. We laughed so hard when we realized they weren't kitties at all, but mangy raccoons! This is what the drive looked like during the day - you can only image what it was like at night!

Thank you Dawn! I will cherish the journal. Now I just need to get the guts to use it!


  1. That is a fabulous journal! At least the eyes didn't belong to spirits..LOL!


  2. That's too funny I'm proud to say I was there for it! It was classic. Hope all is well roomie & yes Dawn is the Queen of Journals!


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