Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Cheer Bird Collage Sheet

Here is the other Christmas Bird sheet I promised to go with the other four sheets I recently listed. You can get it HERE in digital format and HERE in paper format. I think I'd rather find Starbucks in my cup, but still :).
I also listed a few more German Doll Parts including some more of the larger China Heads.

We had our first snow here! I hope you're staying warm with a nice hot cup of:

No wait! Wrong picture:

(I painted this a few years ago when I was into that sort of thing)


  1. Your new Cchristmas Bird collage sheet is really cute!

  2. lol Kristin...
    isn't it "folgers in your cup"??? Still, I'm with you -- I'd rather a Starbucks..perhaps a nice Cinnamon Dolce Latte!!! What time should we meet?!?

    This sheet is adorable!!!!!

    And your painting?? Wow!!!

  3. Wow so wonderful new sheet.
    I love it.


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