Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sherry's Sample

The talented Sherry Smyth just whipped up this tag using the new Hello Dollie Collage Sheet!
So lovely!


  1. lol Kristin, I just wish I was as fast at doll assemblage...with all the "parts" I have I know we've been joking and when I asked if you were doing a collage sheet and you said "yes", well I was just over the moon!! Thanks for sharing her...she looks so good!!! And she's already in my etsy -- how's that for a day's work?! You do good stuff girl!!! :)

  2. Ya sold me Kris~I've been looking everywhere for this particular type of doll head so of course I had to order the digital version so I can use it for the pieces in my upcoming gallery show. BTW...check my blog and if you're not involved with LolliShops, check into it asap. Beta opening is 11.15. Hugs from Jersey, Caar


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