Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Memory Frame Ornaments

I created these ornaments for a store in Irvington that carries my jewelry and other goodies. They are a bit more simple that my usual work, but that's what was needed.
I used the Memory Frames and Memory Glass for this project and found them SO easy to work with. For someone who normally solders, this was so simple, and the ornaments came out very sweet. These would make great Christmas presents, especially if you personalized them.
A few tips: If you don't want the glass to "jiggle" around in your completed piece, sandwich two or three pieces of card stock between your images. Also, if you want the little flap on the frame to be permanently closed, dab on a small amount of jewelry adhesive on the bottom of the flap and secure with a rubber band to hold it down until it's dry :). I think the 2" x 2" frames and glass would make great ornaments too.
I really do love these Memory Frames! Quick, easy, and lovely!


  1. Great ideas...I love the small size that I bought from you!

  2. ooooohh, I just got another idea for my dolly heads!! check your e-mail for my latest creation on canvas.

  3. These ornaments are really terrific!
    You've done a beautiful job. Love them all!

    Gaby xo

  4. these look gorgeous, I have memory frames and haven't used them, so will be doing so today!!

  5. OMG OMG OMG these are all so wonderful.
    Stunning work.

  6. These are AMAZING!!! you talented lady you, I love your creations


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