Friday, October 31, 2008

Blog Candy Winners!

Drum roll please.....

and the winner of the lovely eyelet set is number 18 scarycheri!!!!

and because it's Halloween I wanted to give out a few more treats so I let the random number generator pick 2 more winners to receive a digital collage sheet.
Those winners are number 6 crooked heart art~ tabby and number 98 altered rounte.

Thanks for playing! I just might have another eyelet set to give away next month so check back!

On another note, today at work we had a pumpkin decorating contest. Each department had one to decorate, and my department - Therapy won first place! Below is our spider pumpkin. Yes, her body is the pumpkin, which was painted black and covered with glitter spray. It was my first time altering a pumpkin!
But what I'm really in love with are the babies. I saved one to keep at my desk :). Happy Halloween!


  1. We alter pumpkins like that every year. I work at a daycare and the kids love it.

  2. Cool Beans!! What a nice 'Treat'!
    It's hard to pick...

    Thanks a bunch and Happy Halloween to you!!

  3. hi kristen
    ohh cool beans!!!
    i'm a winner :)
    heres my email addy
    many thanks
    enjoy your day
    tabby :)

  4. fantastic pumpkin altering!! lol brilliant stuff, and I love the cute little babies! :)

  5. hi kristen'
    sorry in my haste i forgot to tell you which sheet i would like!!!
    just so many beautiful ones to pick from -so i narrowed it down to fab faries or botticelli and fab faires # 2 won :)
    many thanks kristen

  6. giggle giggle me agian!!
    i went to my blog and by mistake deleted your banner!!!
    would you send my the code again please
    many thanks kriten
    enjoy your day

  7. felicidades a los ganadores
    gracias Kristin por el blog candy

  8. Lucky winners!!!
    And I love your pumpkin...congrats on your department winning!

  9. ohhhhh, my computrer crashed last week and I was just checking out all the new goodies(those doll parts are wild) on your site and thought i would check out your blog too. Do I need to send you my snail mail address Kristin?
    We didn't get pumpkins done this year, darn it. First year too. Oh well. Had a gorgeous Halloween for the kids. Sweatshirt weather so they could show off their costumes. Have a great day and thanks so much. Hugz, Scary


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