Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Gothic Arch Shrine Kits

I'm really excited about these new gothic arches! They were created special for a swap through Indiana Altered Arts, and I am now very pleased to bring them to you!
Here are mine in action - I found the small clips to be a great help in holding the pieces together as the glue dried. I must say these were a blast to make, and best of all you will get 4 shrines for just 5.00! They make fantastic ornaments too.

These beauties were created by Ariane Cagle and Bianca Mandity. I received them in the swap. Lucky me!

These were the pieces I created. I also used the Happy Hallow II Collage Sheet.

You can get your Gothic Arch Shrines HERE!


  1. I'm just loving these new gothic arch shrines! I'm going to have to buy some of those! I can imagine many unique uses.

    I wanted to stop by and invite you to visit during my birthday giveaway blog party! For the next 2 weeks, I'm giving away prizes every weekday until my birthday on Oct. 6th.

  2. these are sooooo coooooool! I just might have to get some - now!

    thanks for sharing!

  3. thanks Kristin for entering in my giveaway : )
    you have a great blog! i love these little shrines. how fun!

  4. Very cool Kristin! I have a little something for you over at my blog!

  5. Those shrines are just so cool! I love the shape, the size, just everything!


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