Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beet Soup

So one of the "weird things" I listed below for my tag was that my favorite food is beet soup. I had to make some after that, and this is what it looks like! See Peptobismol! And it's eaten cold. MMmmmmmmmm.........

I also wanted to share this. I recently inherited this gorgeous piece that my great grandmother crocheted. I never met her, but maybe she is who I got my craftiness from? It's a tablecloth I believe, but I'm using it on my bed as a throw :). And LOOK, the colors match my blog header/website!

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  1. I was just out blog surfing when I came across your beet soup. My dad makes the best beet soup, oh yes he does.

    Bet you didn't think anyone else loved it. Not only does it taste wonderful but the colors are simply amazing. I want to paint with my soup!


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