Sunday, March 23, 2008

Art Mess Challenge

Okay, so after Julie challenged me to post my messy art studio, I was inspired to clean it today! I spent the last 7 hours cleaning, and throwing away trash (not the good kind of trash either) and it feels so good! Thank you Julie!

The "scary closet" is scary no longer!

I even have a place for all my soldering stuff now!

And LOOK, the closet doors CLOSE! They've never done that before! lol!

I love this space on top of my cabinets where art from friends and loved ones sits!

And under the cabinets on the other side I have my personalized Claudine Hellmuth Poppet that the fabulous Chel from ZNE bought for me as a gift :)

My studio seems so empty now - must go buy more stuff :).

Okay, I showed you mine, now show me yours!


  1. My eyes are popping out!

    First of all... I LOVE YOUR FLOORS! Gorgeous!

    I can't believe you even cleaned inside the closet. I can't say the same for myself. But you look so organized! It's very enviable!

    And you have a personalized poppet! So cool!!!

  2. I don't think the before was that messy!...I'd take YOUR before pic over MINE any day! ;o)

    Happy Easter Kris and Chris!

  3. Your space looks very organized and clean! Very nice.

  4. Hi Kris !!
    So long, how are you?
    Your space is lovely, i like it!
    Look my blog when do you whant.
    How look my english? Horrible!!! jaja
    la femme

  5. I just found your blog & love it! I posted a few pics of my clean studio a couple weeks ago and I really should show it now...WHAT a big difference. I have a feeling it will even be worse by this afternoon, might be a good time to snap some messy space pictures! Love your studio, thanks for showing us!

  6. Hey, you wanna come over to my house and clean out my office! Haha! You did a great job, and everything is so neat and tidy! I'm in the middle of organized chaos, and I need to get rid of some of this clutter. Maybe I'll get to that today! :)

    Have a great one!

  7. Cheering and clapping your closet doors shut!! Yea! LOL! I know the feeling! I have been "meaning" to get my room cleaned up....just need a little more time in the day!
    Yours looks Great!!!!! It feels great doesn't it!!

  8. So when you comeing to visit me, lol..........I need some help getting my room clean. Your room looks great!

  9. Oh I so enjoyed seeing your art room....before AND after. I have a scarey closet too! Like Julie, I love your floors...and I also love the space that you display artwork from loved ones. Hope you are doing well! Hugs.


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