Sunday, November 11, 2007

Puzzled Looks?

Okay, so I know many of us get funny looks when we try to explain "what we do" as far as altered art goes. But this weekend I was truly challenged! My Master's course this weekend was "Small Business Development" so of course I focused on my art business and the future plans with the new website etc. etc..... Try explaining "altered art", "collage sheets" etc. to 5 occupational therapists and see what happens! lol! Everyone else had businesses focused around occupational therapy and client care, but not me! Oh my, did I get some strange looks! But I must say, I think I had the most fun :). Sometimes I think we live in such a small bubble in this little art world. My class didn't even know what a blog was!!!!!


  1. Too funny---I think you are right about the "bubble"!! Most people just don't get it. Thank goodness for the Internet. It has made our world much smaller and given us the opportunity to connect with others who do understand. Thank you for leaving me such a flattering comment on my blog. Positive comments from another artist whose work I admire just makes my day/week/month!!! I would absolutely be delighted to exchange blog links and art sometime. I have decided to not join any more swaps/collaboratives, etc., but I will always be open to one on one exchanges (after the first of the year). Thanks for reading my blog and connecting us.

  2. Me again!!! I just added a link to your Blog under my "Links To Really Fabulous Blogs" list. And I really do think your Blog is FABULOUS!!!
    -again, shari :)


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